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Stuff That Works - Grand Rapids Ballet MOVEMEDIA

I received this cool postcard in the mail a couple of weeks ago - it piqued my interest, I jumped on the website for the Grand Rapids Ballet to find out more and thought it looked like something Julie and I would enjoy. So I bought us a couple of tickets for the Sunday matinee.

Here are some of the descriptive words that caught my attention: "MOVEMEDIA features dance works merging visual elements of sets, props, costumes and lighting, framed by technology and digital media to enhance the body in space."

We enjoyed everything about our afternoon with the GR Ballet. Nice, welcoming people met us at the door(s) - the Peter Martin Wege Theatre is a wonderful, comfortable and intimate venue with no bad seats in the house. Did I mention the Company of dancers?  They were fantastic. The show consisted of five pieces - each choreographed by a different person - Pedro Lozano Gomez, Yuka Oba, Mario Radacovsky, Robyn Mineko Williams, and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa.

I enjoyed each of the f…

Free Electronic Music For Slideshows

I love to tinker around with electronic music. Some of what I have done is on Soundcloud. After a friend expressed interest in using some of it for background music in slideshows he does for his customers, I thought I might just make my music available to anyone.

So, if you would like to use any of the music I have up on Soundcloud, then CLICK THIS LINK and help yourself. All I would ask is that IF you can, please give me a credit and/or put a link to my Soundcloud music so others might do the same.
Most of the tracks are 2-3 minutes, a couple are longer, but feel free to shorten or lengthen them as you need. Just click THIS LINK and help yourself. No internet spying, no information collection - just FREE slideshow music.

My FREE music for Slideshows is on Soundcloud

Stuff That Works - The Fixx Live in Concert

The Fixx - five guys making music since 1982. I fell in love with them in 1983 when Reach The Beach came out. I played that album over and over and over. Vinyl in the house and my homemade cassette tape in the car(s). Became a fan and bought everything they recorded it and eagerly awaited an opportunity to see them live. and waited...... and waited................................... Finally happened July 29, 2013 - 30 YEARS LATER! But it was sure worth it. Rupert, Dan, Jamie, Cy, and Adam. I was geeked to see The Fixx, but there was a small nagging thought about maybe they are going to be stale or bored or .....NOPE - they kicked ass.
Adam Woods on drums and Dan K Brown (below) on bass supply the foundation of the music. And what a lovely foundation they provide. Tight is Right! I love syncopation and these guys excel at it. They did a wonderful job all night.

Jamie West-Oram coaxes (and sometimes strangles!) wonderful things from his guitar. The notes bend, swoop, and tickle your e…