The Theater of Terror

The time is now. 
Clarity Goggles to peer though the illusion. 
We are played like hooked fish.
Spit out the hook.

Publicity tool/comic Whatshername performs a disgusting act of theater.
Massive hue and cry.
Same shit, different day.
Hearken back, 
Publicity tool/rocker Whathisname told 44 to suck his machine gun.


Instead of recognizing the Theater we take the hourly/daily leap.
With the resulting blood pressure spikes. 
(There is an App/Med for that, side effects include.........)
Meanwhile the Three Letter Corporate Tools fan the flames.
Laughing to the bank.

Outraged by the 8 killed in England?
Be equally so that bombs kill more Syrian civilians weekly.

Forty Five a double tongued Illusionist?
Equally so the Peace Prize Winning Bomber in Chief.
All theater.
Brought to you by Three Lettered Corporate Shills 
selling, selling, selling.

The Truth?
All of us are connected.
A little part of us dies when 8 Brits die.
Ditto 8 Syrians, 8 Jews, 8 Whomevers.

Spit out the hook. 
Seek Clarity. 
One Planet. One People. One Love.

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