Reviews and Comments On "Otter Was A Beagle-ish Dog" book by Cliff Yankovich

As you may have noticed, the back side of the book "Otter Was a Beagle-ish Dog" has some pre-publication reviews that are the product of my imagination. (Yes, Joyce, I know the back cover also has the typo "1980's" which should read 1980s.)

Anyway - folks have been buying and apparently actually READING the book with the end result of some reviews, comments, and practical tips from Actual Readers. 

I am happy to share some of them with you. 
The first is a copy of a 100 word review by Ruth that was submitted to Schuler
Books, publishers of the book, the rest of them are quoted from my Facebook
page, text messages, or spoken communication:

"Otter Was a Beagle-ish Dog is an entertaining collection of musings, from the author's younger days hitchhiking the deserts of Arizona, to an intimate and moving chronicle of the ordeal he underwent fighting throat cancer. Throughout the pages, Cliff's reminiscences of the abiding presence of his beloved dog Otter, and Otter's innate ability to sense what Cliff needs, overlay the book with humor and personal reflection. He writes frankly and humbly, without a shred of self pity. His casual, homey prose makes this book a joy to read." 
Ruth W.

One of the first to give feed back was Bruce who came into the store to relate:
"Loved it. You had me crying at one point and laughing my butt off a few pages later."

Carol T. wrote: "Awesome! Great book! I liked it all. I can relate to your cancer journey. I too had my chemo/radiation treatments at Metro Cancer center. The radiation staff was great."

Upon learning that the book had been accepted by the Kent District Library System, Carolyn P. wrote: "Great news. I am reading your book now and enjoying it so much."

"Finally found the time to read about you and your Otter. Loved it. 
 Couldn't put it down." Dennis M. 

Aleah, who lives in Chicago and works with Cliff in the jewelry business was kind enough to send pictures of her reading the book to her son with some practical results! Her remarks and pictures were made into a collage. 
(Aleah is Cliff's favorite diamond wholesaler - she knows her stuff AND likes to have fun!)

The book is available at our store in Lowell.

Also available online from our website:

"Loved your book. Laughter and tears. Thanks for sharing." were the words in a
Facebook message from Stephanie.

John texted this: "Just finished reading your book. So glad you were
successful getting through your cancer treatment, it was not easy to
read....The other stories about your youth were terrific....Your motorcycle,
car theft and hitchhiking stories were really fun to read."

It can also be purchased from Schuler Books on 28th Street in Grand Rapids.

In fact, they have flagged the book with Ruth's review and it looks like this:

and ordered online from them:

Online at Schuler Books


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