Dr. Bruce Lipton Has A Great Message For June

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a great guy to listen to and learn from. He is a cellular biologist who had a EUREKA moment as he was working with cells in his lab. He is a pioneer in the field of Epi-genetics (basically the science that proves we are NOT slaves to our genes).
Here is his June newsletter: I thought it needed to be shared with no edits - rather than me trying to interpret it. :-)
You can connect with Bruce on his facebook page:

Or snoop around YouTube - he has lots of videos!

"June 2017 Newsletter
Now is the winter summer of our discontent” 
(… with apologies to William Shakespeare)

Dear Friends, Imaginal Cells and Seekers Everywhere,

"Now is the winter of our discontent," a line from Richard III by Shakespeare, means that the time of unhappiness will soon end with the coming of summer. However, according to literary scholars, the modified phrase emphasizing the  “summer of discontent” actually means that “unhappiness” is now at its highest.

A survey of the current world situation reveals that only a minority of citizens are truly experiencing “happiness” this summer. The vast majority of people are holding their breath to see what further personal and environmental health support systems are withering away. Indeed, the U.S. government is currently dismantling the public’s safety net, including programs supporting healthcare, social security, and environmental protection, in an effort to boost tax credits for the relatively happy 1%. In regard to the worries of living under this fear, we should heed the wisdom of Bhagavan Das, “Worrying is praying for what you don’t want!”

Consequently, it’s time to focus on the GOOD news in this BAD news (Déjà vu … again. Yes, this is a recurrent theme in these, hopefully uplifting, newsletters). In truth, the current situation actually has a silver lining. Individuals in vast numbers are coming to the realization that we can no longer depend upon a dysfunctional government to take care of us and, as importantly, the world in which we live. To thrive into the future, we must re-empower ourselves, take back control of over our personal lives, our communities and our planet.

We are being called upon to let go of the notion of human frailty and vulnerability and own how truly powerful we really are. In taking back their power, the masses are awakening to a healthier way of life. Organic farmers are currently overwhelmed by the public’s demand for clean, healthy, chemical-free food. In the healing arena, practitioners of complementary medicine are working overtime employing healing energy modalities to wean the public from the generally toxic consequences of pharmaceutical drugs. Corporations are beginning to offer yoga classes, stress reduction programs, chiropractic adjustments and cardio-workouts in support of their employee’s health.

Around the world, local community networks are organizing at astonishing rates. Rather than feeling helpless in the face of impending chaos, citizens are seeking power and authority (sovereignty) over their lives and the world in which they live. A significant expression of this movement is that the power of community and public opinion has emboldened individual States to defy the government’s anti-science and anti-environment policies; A move that allows corporations to put profit over people by disregarding former air/water pollution regulations. In the wake of the U.S.A. pulling out of the Paris Accord and the U.S. government’s effort to dismantle the EPA, the States of California, Washington and New York have created their own Environmental Protection Coalition, a move supported by the governors and mayors of 40 States. California has even circumvented the government by signing its own environmental protection treaty with China.

In the wake of a perfect storm of planetary crises, civilization is awakening to a global UPLIFT (UniversalPeace and Love In a Field of Transcendence), a new energy field to support our health, happiness and harmony. If you want to have a good feeling about the future, please visit Uplift Connection, a compendium of good news, vital health information and opportunities for all of us to safely move into the future.
May the FIELD be with you!

With Love, Light and Wishes for Heaven-on-Earth,
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