The Kent County Youth Fair is Moving and I am PUMPED for Lowell.

The KCYF is going to move to a bigger, better location and they hope to open by 2020 Fair.
Here is a link to their Press Release on the subject: KCYF is Moving

Bravo says I. 

Many are lamenting the moving of the KCYF - but not me! First, the fact of the matter is that the Fair has outgrown (overgrown?) the space they have currently. That is a good, no that is a GREAT thing. Growing things are healthy things. The Fair is wonderful for a huge variety of reasons and the fact that it is growing is a sign of good health. Our kids were involved and I know firsthand the good that comes from KCYF, so the fact that it has to move from the current space is awesome.

Secondly - we now have the opportunity to realize the dream of Jim Hall and many others. Most times when I cross the bridge and look at the current fairgrounds, I like to envision it as "The Bev & Jim Hall Campground." (Or "Jim & Bev Hall" - I just thought it would be fun to put Bev's name first.) Yessir - how freaking cool will this be? 

One wonderful truth to remember is that the campground will be on the convergence point of TWO rivers - the Flat and the Grand. 

The Hall Campground  can/will offer several levels of camping experience.

First - we can preserve some of the area for rustic camping. Folks who love tenting or just stringing up a hammock can do so. For the next level we can re-purpose some of the existing buildings to allow campers to sleep with the protection of a roof. You know - think of the horse stalls, they could provide semi-solid shelter while still allowing for an outdoor experience.  By semi-solid I am referencing the fact that the walls of the stalls are partially open or are slatted. Nice solid roof to keep out the rain, but the wind can whistle right through.

Then we can build some tree house-like, raised structures with four walls, a roof and a door. Jim Hall once showed me some sketches for these when he wanted to put a campground on the island in the Flat River right by the existing Fairgrounds. Shoot, people could camp in these 12 months of the year and they can never get ruined by floods. 

The next level will be for trailers and RVs. That would involve putting down concrete slabs and electric outlets - when properly done they won't get ruined by floods either. 

The even bigger picture happens when you combine a full service, four star, kick-ass campground with all the cool trails for bikes and walking that are coming together in Lowell. Wait - is this a good time to mention the fact that we are the World HQ for the North Country Trail? The trail goes right through Lowell.

With a campground on the confluence of the two rivers, all kinds of opportunities will open up for kayak, canoe, and tubing experience and rentals. And the rental of bikes as well because soon you will be able to hop on a bike and head up to Greenville, or Ada, or Saranac and Ionia. 

Are you getting the vision? Do you see the wonderful possibilities for family oriented, outdoor wonderfulness?

It will be booked for years in advance! I am not the only one who caught Jim's vision - we can bring it to pass now. Hot damn!
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