No More Detroit Tigers Games for me.

No more watching Tiger baseball games for me.

Owner Mike Ilitch is worth somewhere north of 3 BILLION dollars. He has enough money to pay ONE player on the team 23 million dollars for covering first base for a season. He has a host of players making 10 to 20 MILLION every year.

So what Cliff - why do you care?

Well Mister Ilitch also owns the Red Wings and he wants PUBLIC money to build them a new place to play. FWIW, the new Tiger stadium was built with about 38% of public monies. Tax exempt bonds and such. TAX EXEMPT? They want to auction off art work that people DONATED to pay Detroit's debts, but there is enough money around to make playgrounds for millionaires and billionaires. No problem - well, at least Governor Snyder is behind it - after all, he paid 6 million for a $142,000 a year job so we know his heart is in the right place.

Oh wait - think of the jobs that will be created. Yes, there will be 800 some part time, minimum wage jobs selling beer for $8.75 a glass. Oh, and the Pizza Pizza that Mr Ilitch sells in his restaurants for as low as $5? Well, they cost $17.50 at the ball park.

Repeat after me: Government hand outs are evil - unless the government is handing them to billionaires.

Finance your own goddam stadium Mister Ilitch - or maybe have some of your multi-millionaire players pay for them - you and they are the ones making the money IN the stadium. You are the top dog on the pile.

We get what we deserve if we let this kind of crap continue.

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