Part Next: Cliff is Clubbed by Cancer, but is still on his feets.

The past couple weeks have been overwhelming.

In a positive way, I have been totally overwhelmed by the support/cards/prayers/thoughts/rides/help/ good wishes/white light/positive vibes that have been directed at Julie and I by family, friends, friends of family, customers, and even a couple of folks I would have never thought would give a rats patoot. Wow - amazing. Cards, emails, phone calls, texts messages, rides, gifts, and silliness have descended upon us from all over.

Sucking in about 5 cans of this stuff every day.

On the other hand, I was in no way prepared for the punishment cancer and the treatment thereof was going to extract from me mentally and physically.
"Cancer Lite", says Cliff.
"Hardy Effin' Har", says Cancer.
"I can handle this," says Cliff.
"On yer knees boy, " Cancer replied. "You about to be smacked."
I was so bloody naïve - I saw myself riding my KLR to and from radiation and working throughout this whole ordeal. Thank God Julie Claire is one tough mama - she has kept the store going all by her lonesome for the last 3.5 weeks, in addition to dealing with me. Yipes, did I miss the mark. I couldn't even drive myself to my radiation appointments - thanks to Julie, Les, Ron, Mary and Korey for the help in that regard.
Three trips in the middle of the night to the ER.
Lost 40 lbs.
My throat was roasted to medium well inside and out.
Couple times I retched so hard my kidney was in my throat. (This may be hyperbole.......)
"He caught an even atom tan....."
"Atom Tan" by The Clash
So, did I tell you about the time the area around my feeding tube was infected? That was a 1 am trip to the ER so they could lance the thing and drain off a nice pool of green stuff. (Ain't you glad I spared you "selfies" of that?)
Did I tell you that crawling back on the table for the last couple three radiation treatments took all I could muster? Did I mention how many times I wanted to JUST QUIT?
All that is behind me now.......It has been a week since my Radiation Graduation. I have not had to take huge quantities of anti-biotics for over 24 hours. Said anti-b's produced enough gas whereby I coulda powered a small village for about 10 days.
Wait - izzat a light I see there in that long far off end of the tunnel?
Yessah, I bleeb it is - thanks to EVERYONE for helping me see and reach it.


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