Throat Cancer Week What The ^&%$ Ever: Return of Piss n Vinegar


That's right my homies - this bad boy is (almost) BACK.

This is what I just now told myself. "Yeah Cliffy, you be filling back up with some piss n vinegar." And so it is - on the negative side, my throat is still swollen (read THEY BURNED THE PIZMO BEACH outta it with radiation, brah) and it is mildly painful to swaller. And I gots no taste yet.

PLUS SIDE (way BIGGER than the other side now): Well, where do I start? I started back at the store last week on a part time basis. 3-4 hours and I am about done. And when I run out of energy these days it ain't on a slope trending toward tired boy - nope, its BOOM, lights out - Cliff gotta snooze is what I am talking about.
Pretty much off ALL meds. Taking Prilosec once a day and liquid Rush Limbaugh juice if the pain gets too bad.
AND - even though my tasties ain't back and it hurts some, I am putting food down my gullet to supplement my best buddy the feeding tube. Fer instance - I can do poached eggs! Actually, that should be in the singular - one egg at a time is about all I can handle. This morning I drenched 1/4 of an Eggo waffle in syrup, threw poached egg up in it's grill and then mashed that up to the point where it looked as if it had already been eaten and shoveled it down. (YES!) I can do chicken soup and the noodles slide down. Ate some of Ella's pumpkin bar today (tasted weird, but I got some of it down).
The docs told me I should be up and eating normal by Thanksgiving, but I am aiming to tear the shizzle out of that goal. Me n my best gal are going to see Thomas Dolby in Royal Oak on Sunday November 3 and I hope to eating MORE by then.

Otter and I have taken half mile walks for the last 3 days in a row. Not nearly what we normally do, but we are getting something started and she is happy that we are finally getting out of the yard! A few unlucky folks have even seen me creeping around Lowell - can I get a witness?

I have even had the energy to smack Ludwig and friends for a few minutes the last couple days.

I cannot begin to thank everyone for the encouragement through all this. Julie should have kicked me to the curb, but she didn't. Family and friends have been wonderful with a constant flow of help, prayers, white light, cards, gifts, emails, text messages, smoke signals, and general good wishes. Glad you can't see me right now on account of I am crying.

That's all I got.

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