Wall Street undoing explained in Rolling Stone.

For an excellent time line on the Wall Street mess, I suggest this in depth coverage by Matt Taibbi in the current Rolling Stone. He uses the F bomb a lot, but IMHO his explanation of how things progressed is impressive.
WARNING: Could offend donkeys and elephants. The crap started under Clinton, was nurtured and flourished under Bush and he makes it clear that our current Treasury Secretary is cut out of the same cloth as the boys who engineered this train wreck.


Anybody who holds on to the hope/opinion/dream that one political party is somehow better than the other might as well drink the real Kool Aid. The powers that be are all from the same bolt of cloth - no matter if they put Democrat or Republican on their lapel.
The longer we keep clinging to the smokescreen that the Two Party System produces anything but an assembly line of power mongers who love to cram money and power into their own pockets at the expense of our country the longer they will succeed at their mission.

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