Stuff That Works - "Made With Soy" - New CD from The Preservers

Thanks to Ted Bergin for use of some of his pictures - his are the good looking ones!
The Preservers - Corrina, Ryne, Patrick, Jeremy.
Full On Truth On The Interweb Disclaimer: For a variety of reasons, I love this band. They are talented beyond their years, they are from Lowell - my favorite town in Michigan, 
and they are really nice human beings.

BREAKING NEWS 10.6.17: You can purchase your own copy of Made With Soy
and their first CD aptly titled "The Preservers" on Ryne Clarke's new website:
Click Here To Go To RyneShyne

I have enjoyed The Preservers live five times in the past year-ish. A very musical friend suggested that I lend them my ears (thanks for the heads up Lindsay Bredin - she told me about Emma Loo & Sam as well). The first set was played when they were all high school students - three of them about to become seniors and one a sophomore. Holy Waaa! they knocked me down with the complexity of their music and the delivery thereof. 
Like the parrot from Monty Python's famous skit - I was STUNNED. 

Every performance from The Preservers demonstrated they were honing their craft. Part of the magic of bands is when you can sense the cohesive nature of the musicians. They have it. 

Fast forward to Saturday July 29th when the band debuted "Made With Soy" with a CD launch party at the wonderful new space at LowellArts. LowellArts moved to Main Street into a well thought out mulit-purpose gallery that allows an intimate musical experience while sitting, standing, or dancing in the midst of what ever show is in progress - on this evening we not only got to hear great music, but we could feast our eyes on entries in the current show "Flight" .

As a bonus, while waiting for The Preservers, I was introduced to Skyking -
here is what I had to say about them: Skyking - Progressive Rockers

The Preservers have been working hard on the new CD and they launched it by playing it straight through - which was a great idea. For me such a plan harkened back to the days when albums represented a story that was best appreciated by listening to it start to finish.

Julie and I are moving to Lowell and yesterday I made several trips in my Prius Pick Up loaded with small stuff (what, you never heard of one of those??) and spent the whole time listening to Made With Soy. The CD reflects their talent and the efforts they put forth to make it.

Patrick Kargl doing what he does.
As a hobbyist level drummer, I am tickled and in awe of what Patrick Kargl is able to do behind his kit. What really gets me is how freakin' easy he makes it look. His fine work is evident all over Soy - especially on "Insomnia" - my new favorite song.

I say "new favorite song" because earlier this year The Preservers teased us with a two song CD and one of them, Riding E, has an fantasticly infectious riff. It was the only song I really knew going into the evening and my - but after a day in the car, it was bumped off the top by Insomnia - the drum intro is fantastic and all four musicians get a chance to strut their stuff. Bravo.

Steady as she goes - Corrina "Sub-Divide" Wenger on the bass.
The other half of the rhythm section is Corrina Wenger on bass. She is not only a rocker, but she also plays "serious" music at the state competition level. Being FB friends with her parents also helped me realize she can work on cars, paint houses and she has a brain for sciencey stuff - YIPES! 

Jeremy Kargl plays the hell out of his guitar and makes it look as easy -
must be one of those family tradition things, eh?
The two guys up front are Ryne Clark and Jeremy Kargl - they also wrote the music and lyrics for all of "Made With Soy." Jeremy is the more laid-back-just-doing-a-great-job-at-my-job kinda musician while Ryne jumps all around and is way more in your face. 
Great combo punch, sez I. Great teamwork.

Ryne cutting loose during "Riding E."
The Preservers were excited to debut their new music and they did a super job. The door to Main Street was open and the rock and roll energy brought in another dozen people who came in to see what all the fun was about and stuck around to shake their booties and buy some CDs.

Here is a bit of "Thawing" from "Made With Soy".

The performance of the new CD was a blast as was reliving it the next day while moving boxes. As is my habit, there are songs that I will play more than the others - INSOMNIA - but I really enjoyed listening to it as the band laid it down. "Made With Soy" is good solid stuff from start to finish.

The Preservers are worthy of your attention - they make great music.

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