Thanks Wayne Dyer - Application of Your Teaching Works

For the past year or so, I have been "studying" the works of Dr Wayne Dyer and a whole bunch of other cool men and women gathered under the umbrella of Louise Hay's fantastic publishing company Hay House. Found Wayne channel surfing by a PBS fundraiser last year, bought a couple books of his at Schuler Books on 28th St in Grand Rapids, from there went to the Hay House website where I jumped in with both feet - gobbling up written material as well as audio and video courses and lectures.

Anyway, one of the consistent mantras of Louise Hay and her crew is that "these teachings are not just things to KNOW, they must be put into PRACTICE". Well, Amen to that.

Dr Wayne Dyer
Back to Wayne, who just happens to be from my favorite state: Michigan. He has a great life story, he passed a couple years ago, and one of his central teachings in contained in the meme below:

This is a great teaching - and it is even greater when you succeed in APPLYING it to your life - which I just did in a pretty big way.

Without boring you with all the yadda yadda, the past 4-5 years have pretty much roasted Julie and I to a crispy crunch emotionally and financially. 

  • I was diagnosed and treated for throat cancer.
  • A business we started with our daughter teetered and had to be closed with lingering debt.
  • A real estate deal went way, way bad - our "remodeled" kitchen looks like two drunken 7th graders with a tool belt put it together.
  • Julie lost 1/4 of her lung to a vicious infection. 2 weeks in the hospital. 
  • That hospitalization fell under TWO deductibles because we were switching ins carriers.
  • There was one more key element that I will not mention that resulted in more emotional turmoil and financial damages.
The number one cause of bankruptcy in America is health care. So you have two self-employed folks with high deductible plans getting hit with THREE deductibles and tons of uncovered costs. Sure, lots of folks have health care financial pressures. Combine that with closing a small business with accumulated debt. Sure, folks go through that. Oh, add on the Key Element, which I can tell you other folks we know have experienced.

You probably know someone, or a couple, who has marched through one or maybe even two of the things mentioned above - BUT ALL OF THEM? In less than 5 years?

Well, I am EXTREMELY happy to report that I turned one hell of a major corner yesterday in my life. I decided to take the "Change the way you see things and the things you see will change" words of Wayne Dyer and APPLY them to the best of my ability. 

The Inner Critic (or Inner Asshat, as I would refer to it) is screaming at Julie and I that we are massive failures. We are clueless idiots unable to negotiate life as adults. We are suckers. We are chumps who couldn't find our own butts with two hands and a map.

Guess what - the 
Inner Critic has never, ever, ever done a damn thing.

My Inner Critic (and yours as well) is 
full of shit right up to its eyeballs.

APPLY THE TEACHING - net result:

Julie and I are two of the most bad-ass people 
you are likely to meet. 
Sickness won't stop us.
Massive medical debt can't kill us.
Rip offs from contractors and family cannot stop us.
The failure of a business did not bring a halt to our successful jewelry store.

I made the CHOICE to see things DIFFERENTLY - all that crap did not wipe us off the earth - it just PROVED how
resilient and capable we are.

We are two bad ass people who have gotten even stronger.


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