Stuff That Works - A Review of "Everything Has a Beginning" by Cathy LaPointe Blundy and Kathleen Money

Before I go any further, let me tell you that Julie and I have this book by our friends for sale in our store and on our website - which falls under Full Disclosure and Shameless Almost Self-Promotion, right?

Now that we are done with the disclosure part, how about we continue to the good stuff - this is a good book and the quality of the poems of Cathy and the artwork of Kathleen are what prompted us to offer it for sale in our store and web-store. We have know both of these talented ladies for years and when Cathy brought in a copy of her book to show us, we were very happy to ASK HER if we could help share it with people.

This is Cathy, the poet -

Here is Kathleen, the artist - 

I love this book for a bunch of reasons. First and foremost - it is good stuff! Secondly, I know BOTH of these people and they are from my favorite state: Michigan. The book is a great blending of a rookie and a veteran. Cathy is a life long lover of words, but this is her first publication. Kathleen has been making wonderful art since she and Julie were in High School together - her work is sold and recognized all over the country and in many parts of the world. (We had some in our store when we first opened and were a combination of art and jewelry.)

You can read more from Cathy here on her blog: Cathy LaPointe Blundy

Learn about Kathleen and feast your eyes on more of her work here:

Obviously I do not want to spoil the treat of reading the book yourself, but here are some of the lines that caught my eye from the title poem:
"Hands shaking, Knees knocking,
stomach chewing on my spine
but still I stood,
determined to succeed."

"stomach chewing on my spine" - What a great turn of phrase that we can all relate to! 

I bought my copy and asked Cathy if she and Kathleen would let us offer their book for sale - thought it would be a nice compliment to my self-published effort. After she thought about it and talked to Kathleen our book department at Chimera DOUBLED in size! 

You can purchase their book here: Chimera Design Website or in our store - or from either of them. 

No matter where you get your copy, you will enjoy and appreciate the talent of these two. 
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