Why We Need More Women In Office - To Put An End To The Endless Pissing Contests

"A pissing contest, or pissing match, is a game in which participants compete to see who can urinate the highest, the farthest, or the most accurately.[1]Although the practice is often associated with adolescent boys, women have been known to play the game, and there are literary depictions of adults competing in it. Since the 1940s the term has been used as a slang idiomatic phrase describing contests that are "futile or purposeless", especially if waged in a "conspicuously aggressive manner".[2] As a metaphor it is used figuratively to characterise ego-driven battling in a pejorative or facetious manner that is often considered vulgar." Wikipedia

Ever since the election, I have been doing my concerted best to avoid the news. Each day is a new load of crazy in our effort to make America Great Again.

That being said, the Pissing Contest between President Trump and Benevolent Dictator Kim Jong-Un is pretty hard to ignore. Having grown up during the Cold War and learning how to protect myself in a nuclear blast by hiding under my school classroom desk, their pissing match is worrisome.

Our President had no hesitation in assuring us that HIS ability to piss the furthest would not be hindered in any way by the alleged shortness of his manly missile. (Made me so proud to be an American when grown men used a national stage to debate penis size - well, it did make me proud that I kissed the Republican Party good bye a few years ago.)

The Korean Dictator of Alternative Facts has a proven track record of whipping out his Mighty Missile(s) with little to no provocation - thanks be to The Universe that his efforts thus far might best be described as M.E.D - Missile Erectile Dysfunction.

May What-Ever-Deity-You-Claim protect us all.

Last night it hit me - we MUST have more women in National Leadership Positions immediately if not sooner for the simple reason that 97.3 times out of 100 women refuse to engage in pissing contests. (I know - some of you are rushing off to Google "Female Pissing Contests" just to prove me wrong, that is why I left the 2.7% open for exceptions.)

The only way to "win" a pissing match is escalate one's stream of piss - and once one side achieves a better, longer, fuller stream of piss what is left for the other side to do but re-boot and re-tool their Manly Missiles and try, try again.

How about we just CUT THAT SHIT OUT? How about we put Missile Maintenance to the side and get on with the all important business of making life on our planet better for everyone?

We need to send a message to all the Elected (and Non-elected as well) Guys - put your missiles back in your pants. If you keep whipping them out and escalating your efforts, then we will have no choice other than putting Missile-less women in seats of power. 

We should do that anyway - Give The Ladies a Chance to Rule The World.

Here is a short clip from Anita Moorjani, a teacher with an amazing story.
Anita is encouraging women to stop tamping down their ego - we need our 
egos to be leaders and we need leaders who aren't overly concerned with the size
of their nuclear missles! :


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