Stuff That Works - A Review of Emma Loo & Sam

Welcome to the World of Emma Loo & Sam.

For those of you who might be operating without the aid of coffee right now, 
Emma Loo is on the left and the other person is Sam.

Let me start with the declaration that I love these two people. Can't say that I know them very well at all - shoot, I can't even say I like or understand all of the music they make. But I love 'em!

From the opening notes the first time I experienced their music to the end of the cool show they did last night at the Chaffee Planetarium - they got me. Hook, line, and sinker.

How to describe the musical stylings of Emma Loo n Sam?

I hate genres, but how about we start with Alt-Synth-Punk-Electro-Folk-Metal-Thrash-Country? That comes close, but I am probably missing - Neo-Chamber-Pop or something else.

Pigeon hole musicians, these two ain't. Emma Loo has a wonderful, powerful voice that she LOVES to run through harmonizing/nastisizing effects - to great effect! She manipulates a variety of electro-synth-gizmos whilst singing or humming or what-the-hell-ever she is doing to make those sounds. In the mean time Sam jumps around with a variety of guitars.......or maybe a gong....or his trumpet (in muted or regulation play mode). 

His signature High Kicks are worth the price of admission on their own, 
(am I right or am I right Mary Willey?)

Did I mention that Sam is a virtuoso WHISTLER? If I am lyin', I am dyin'. The swooping transitions these two make - one moment Emma Loo is sounding like the Michigan Queen of Death Metal and in the next we have acoustic guitar accompanied by some of the sweetest ass whistling you will ever hear followed by some wonderful harmonies.

How do they do it!?

Flash back with me to last summer - I had heard rumblings of the Dynamic Duo up and down Main Street in my favorite town. Then I experienced their magic first hand; live and direct. They agreed to perform in Lowell at my Rock The Vote (geez, who knew it was tough to draw a crowd on a sunny, lovely Sunday summer afternoon?) When they started in, I was mesmerized - my day was brightened - Life Was Good - what they heck are they doing? I LOVED IT. 

Gettin' Silly By The Flat River.

Oops - forgot to mention Sam can play the violin.

The moral of the story here folks - you owe it to yourself to experience the musical genius of Emma Loo & Sam for yourself.

Here is a video revealing some alternative facts about them.

Now, go out and find Emma Loo & Sam and see/hear for yourself. They are an experience.


We had fun last Saturday. It was my wife's birthday and I managed to execute a SURPRISE party - and we had live music from the Dynamic Duo! They graciously fit us into their busy schedule - played for an hour before they had to dash off to Holland for an evening gig out there.

It was MARVELOUS - they led everybody in "Happy Birthday" and then played an hour long set with a lot of Beatles music (including my special request of "Yellow Submarine"). The kids were in full effect - Sam's whistling and cavorting (even in a cramped space) were augmented by the terrific singing power of Her Highness - a great time was had by all. YES, they play birthday parties!

Emma Loo Serenade Julie Claire on her birthday!

10/30/17 - I was able to experience another set from my favorite duo.
I was up close and personal with them when the played the small room at 
Schuler Books on 28th Street.

Happy to report that their harmonies are getting even tighter and better.

They were both in fine form - Sam took the lead on one song. His whistling caught the
attention of the uninitiated in the crowd (as it always does) - fantastic whistling is most
effective when it fills the air just as said air is clearing of some wonderfully
treated vocals. Great stuff, you two.

My favorite moment of the night came when Emma Loo was deep in song and
I had a great view of her from the side - seeing just the right side of her
face. As she sang and reached for notes or pushed for volume, the end
of her eyebrow would go up and down.

It was delightful.

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