Stuff That Works - Review of The Nordic Ware Splatter Cover 4 Your Microwave

Internet Disclaimer: Nobody from Nordic Ware knows I am writing this. I received no compensation for the review - my wife paid full price for the item.

With that out of the way, let me tell you that this is one of the best products we have in our kitchen. It is a 10 inch Splatter Guard from Nordic Ware - looks like this:

The reason I like it so much? Saves me all kinds of time and hassle. It is a cover to use in your microwave to save cleaning the inside of the oven as a result of one of those annoying "heat burps" that happen from time to time. 

Ever since I read all the information about how effective "nukes" are and how they don't drain nutrients out of food like some methods of warming or re-warming can, I have used the microwave with enthusiasm. But don't you HATE it when that soup you are warming up does a little burp and spray paints the interior of your nuke with food?

I make a breakfast of two whipped eggs, a bit of cheese, and chopped up vegetables almost every day. For me this b-fast does the trick. Gets me going and I am not hungry in 90 minutes like I am after cereal or even oatmeal. I have been using one of these covers for months now - I love it. Julie loves it. This time of year we love eating home made soups and stews - this makes re-heating said items a risk free proposition.

Best part for me? In looking around on their website, I discovered that not only is this handy unit made in the US - more than 90% of their product line is as well.

Win - Win. 
Well done Nordic Ware


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