My Local Paper, The Lowell Ledger, Asked Me My Thoughts On Defunding The Great Lakes Initiative

Shout out to The Lowell Ledger. They quoted me at length (and 100% accurately, I might add) about the potential of the Trump administration's proposed cuts to the Great Lakes Initiative. (I had to tied in the Snyder administration.)
Here is what I said when asked for my reaction: 
"My reaction to the effort to cut Federal funding for the Great Lakes is pure astonishment.
I do not care what political party you belong to, no one lives without fresh water for more than a couple of days.
There are a multitude of experts who have been proclaiming water to be the most valuable commodity on the planet, so to do what we are doing on a State and Federal level to our Great Lakes is simply moronic on several levels.
If the thought of defending the Lakes for environmental reasons gets your knickers in a knot, then just approach it from a pure business viewpoint. Why are we putting one of the largest sources of surface freshwater at risk with decreased funding, decreased protection and aging oil pipelines?
Why are we giving a Swiss company worth BILLIONS the water underneath Michigan for free?
Why are we even considering giving Nestle MORE water for nothing?
Frankly, I have given up on Washington, DC. The power of Corporate money is so strong there that common sense has no sway. We might have some success in Lansing (the operative word is "might"), but money is hollering there as well. Why else would Lansing even consider letting Nestle get double the amount of free water out of the ground?
The EPA was started under Richard Nixon - hardly a tree hugging lefty. He made the move because of common sense. I remember as a kid the Grand River in Ada was so polluted it STUNK. Thanks to the EPA that is no longer the case.
Why the hell do we want to move backwards? I drink water every day - I love water. I want to do what ever we can to preserve clean water for my grand children."


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