Meijer, You Can Kiss My $100 A Week Good-Bye. Stop Your Fake Sale Prices

Meijer, Inc - a Michigan Mega-Power that I have had a Love-Hate relationship with for the last five years or more. On the plus side, we have Meijer Gardens, Rails To Trails, and countless other uses of the Meijer fortune. Shoot, believe it or not, when yours truly was a wee one, my mom gave piano lessons to a couple of the Meijer boys. True story.

On the down side - hmmmm, politically Meijer stinks because they were the driving force behind the one of the MOST asinine laws in Michigan - the law that prohibits cities, towns, and municipalities from passing a law to ban plastic bags. I never realized States could pass laws to prevent smaller groups from passing laws. Guess we will grow old seeing this kind of crap:

If you know me at all, then you know I have been ranting about the perpetual "sale" on jewelry at Meijer stores for the better part of a decade now. Somehow, I do not believe that this kind of bullshit, fake sale fits the business model Fred Meijer built his empire on.  Sadly, it fits right in with the profit at all cost business model carried on by his heirs. The jewelry at Meijer stores is ALWAYS 50% to 70% to even 80% off. Always. For at least the last 6-8 years.

This is called deceptive advertising and we have a law against that in Michigan, but my attempts to get the AG's office to address it have gone unheeded. (Hmm, Cliff gives ZERO dollars to the favorite political party of the Meijer family compared to the hundreds of thousands which have rolled into the millions given by the business and the various family members.)

PACs - aka Political Action Committees, and their money are eating Michigan alive, but that is another subject for another day.

In spite of knowing that the Forever and Ever Meijer Jewelry Sale was a total farce, for some reason I remained naive enough to think they only used fake sales in the Jewelry Department.

"Hi everybody, my name is Cliff and I am a sucker."
"Hi Cliff."

Even though I held my nose when I passed the jewelry counter I remained a weekly Meijer shopper. I spent on the average of $100 a week there.

Well Meijer, you can kiss my $5,200 a year good bye.

You wanna know what the Last Straw was for me? Coffee! I was drawn to Truck Stop Organic coffees for two reasons - first and foremost, it is a Michigan Made product and anyone who knows me has heard me preach THAT sermon. Plus, I really am a sucker for cool, quirky labels. (Yup, my wine buying follows the same logic.....or lack of same.)

Anyway, I was attracted by the label and the location of the business, but became loyal because I enjoyed the taste. The Daybreak Roast above being my favorite. The "every day low" price of this coffee at Meijer is $9.99 which I was willing to pay for an organic product made in Michigan that I enjoyed. I would watch and when it was on "sale" for $7.99 I would grab two bags and put one in the freezer.

You know where this is headed, right?

We needed some grocery product one night and I zipped up to D & W for it. They had just remodeled their coffee area and right there was my FAVE - right in the front where I could not miss it.

Wait - what? 
The REGULAR EVERY DAY PRICE at D & W is $5.99 for the same 12 ounce bag.

(But wait, it gets better - many times when I get a bag, 
I get it for $4.99 when I use my Fresh Rewards Card.) 

I am not going to waste many words on this. You are bright people - you get the drift here.

Since that discovery, I have gotten my groceries at Forest Hills Foods and D & W. 
Every week. 

It just occurred to me that it is really not about the money. The policies and business practices at Meijer violate my trust. I no longer have any trust in the organization.
That is a sad thing - one of which I do not believe would be appreciated
by Hank and Fred Meijer. They built their empire on trust,
sad that the kids can't continue the tradation.

All the good things you do appear to me as tax right offs and nothing more.
I will no longer feed your machine.


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