The One Thing I Learned From Donald Trump Is A Life Changer

Gotta thank President Elect Trump for giving me a Life Lesson, for hammering home a truth that I have been studying and attempting to apply for the last several months of my life. His getting elected POTUS is proof positive of the efficacy of the principle I have been trying to wrap my head around for the last few months in an effort to put the hardships of the last three years behind me.

The Principle goes by a lot of different names. Basically it boils down to replacing the negative thoughts and words in your life with thoughts and affirmations of a positive nature. You are taught to ignore the current symptoms or evidence or conditions and focus your thoughts and words on the desired goal. Need money? Then stop telling everyone how broke you are, ignore your bank balance and speak your way to prosperity. Health problems? Speak to your body, right down to the cellular level and correct things. Hate your job? Visualize that position you have always wanted. Declare that you will be ________ and it will be so. One of the central themes of teaching like this, no matter the source, is the importance of ignoring what is in front of your face and coming out of other people's mouths - ignore the "evidence" and push on to the goal.

Rather than trying to justify this kind of thinking with references to great texts and teachings of the Masters over the centuries, I give you Donald Trump.

After Obama won the last one, the GOP acknowledged a need to reach the growing Latino population - the fastest growing block of voters in the US. When Trump came out of the gate slamming Mexicans I joined the chorus of people who declared, "His campaign is dead. He is finished."

Mister Trump was not having any of that. You can repeat the above paragraph and insert any number of his remarks or tweets that, according to everyone who should know, were going to prevent him from his party's nomination, never mind the White House.

Do I need to continue? Is The Lesson clear yet?

In spite of OVERWHELMING evidence which clearly demonstrated he had no chance of winning the election, he did it. Donald Trump paid zero mind to his detractors - he continued on with his affirmations of being President. He manifested the desire of his heart by staying the course and continuing to think, speak, and believe no matter who said anything to the contrary or what things looked like to the rest of the world.

Do you think positive affirmations are a bunch of hooey?
Do you think visualization of the desired outcome is so much New Age blah blah?

Think what you want - Donald Trump recognized the truth in the teaching, put it to work in his life, and is our President.


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