Looking For Cosmic Warriors - Getting Mindful For The Mitten Every Day

I am looking for some Cosmic Warriors 
to do battle in the ether for our favorite state: Michigan.

Looking for people who will commit to FIVE MINUTES of daily prayer/meditation for the good of Michigan. I don't really care what your faith rests in - not interested in building anything here except a statewide network of people who will harness the power of speaking and thinking good things - blasting our state with positive ENERGY for 5 minutes a day.
No dues, no membership cards, no T-shirts.
Just imagining a Michigan where everyone is thriving, healthy and happy.

NOTE: This is NOT an effort to truncate or replace any political action
you may be involved in - this is SUPPLEMENTAL!

Read on. There is a basic framework.

For the first 3 minutes of your 5 minutes, I would like you to
concentrate your prayers/thoughts/visualization on 
people that you would
consider to be enemies of your community 
or Michigan as a whole.
Bless these people - with sincerity.

Take a cue from the "Turn It Around 180" page.

Click to learn more about Turn It Around 180

Please spend the remaining two minutes praying 
and speaking good things for YOUR COMMUNITY.
Do this 5 to 7 days a week.
Are You Willing? Outstanding.

Wanna Take To The Next Level?
then become a member of
Michigan Cosmic Debris Fighters V2

This would involve making a commitment to 
take to the heavens every Saturday or Sunday or BOTH
at precisely 9 am and unleashing 
FIVE MINUTES of your Cosmic Power
on behalf of the Entire State of Michigan.
(Yes - we will include the Yooper Peninsula as well.)

So - which are ya?

Level One Warrior 
Cosmic Black Belt V2 BadAss.

Either way - thanks for taking part.
If you know any like minded friends (or enemies) 
then please ask them to play along.
If you want to leave a comment expressing 
your commitment level or anything else, 
that would be cool.

Let's work together and 
loose the Light On Michigan!

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