Calling All Michiganders: We Need To STOP Nestle NOW!

  • Do you live in Michigan?
  • Do you believe that water is our most important (valuable) resource?
  • Do you get upset at welfare abuse?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then you might want to join me in doing what ever we can do to put an end to the welfare that Michigan has been extending to Nestle, a Swiss Corporation that enjoys profits - PROFITS, not sales - in the billions of dollars every year.

Nestle has been pulling 212 gallons per minute (gpm) from two Michigan freshwater aquifers for the cost of an annual licensing fee. They are extracting that water 24/7/365. In case you live on the moon, Nestle takes the water and puts it into plastic bottles and sells it back to us at huge profits. It is sold under the Ice Mountain label as well as a host of other labels.

LEFTIES: If you are a tree hugging lefty, consider the environmental impact of draining 12,720 gallons an hour or 305,280 gallons a day from our aquifers. Pretty upsetting huh?

RIGHTIES: Pissed off about welfare abuse? How about we go after some BIG players. Not only is Nestle getting our water for the cost of an annual permit, but we gave them a 13 Million dollar tax break to set up camp and get their free water.

CENTRISTS: Do a quick search about the value of freshwater now and in the future. Even the CEO of Nestle is on record saying water will be more valuable than anything else in the future - that is why Nestle LOVES to get water for free!

I did some quick math. 212 gallons a minute will fill 212 gallon jugs (duh) which sell for an average of $1.22 each. The same 212 gallons will fill 1,696 16 oz bottles. Round numbers, those sell for $1 each. I know those are RETAIL prices, so lets cut them in half and do the numbers:
212 gallons into gallons is = $258 a minute retail or $129 a minute wholesale.
212 gpm into 16 oz bottles = $1696 a minute retail of $848 a minute wholesale.

Yes, I know those numbers are not 100% accurate, you have to bottle the water and transport it - so, how about we cut THOSE numbers in half again. The State of Michigan is giving $64.50 to $424 of FREE product every minute of every day to a company with BILLIONS in profit every year. That is somewhere between $92,880 and $610,560 every day the plant is running. Every day. Year round.

Michigan cannot Fix Flint, pave our roads, or keep our schools in the black - but we are giving a Swiss company MILLIONS of dollars of FREE water to sell? Speaking of Flint - what company do you suppose is making more money from Flint than Snyder's legal defense team? Maybe NESTLE?

Oh - the real kicker - Nestle wants to ramp up production from 212 gpm to 400 gpm.

How about all of us Lefties, Righties, Centrists, just people who live in Michigan join together and tell Nestle Corporation 

Here are two things you can do.
First, send emails to the Director of the DEQ. Her name is Heidi Grether.
Her email is:
You can also email the DEQ comments here:

Also, there is an online petition to sign. It is my hope to deliver this petition to the DEQ when they have the public hearing about the Nestle request:

Sign The Petition To Stop Nestle Here: STOP NESTLE.

4/7/17 Update

Big thanks to the 2,840 people who agreed that the State of Michigan
should say NO! I will be delivering this the DEQ on Monday April 10.

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