Phase Two of Cliff Yankovich's Campaign For The 86th District

Phase Two of My Campaign Has Three Key Elements

1. First and foremost, I am looking for one hour of your time to help me get elected. But I am only looking for one minute a day for 60 days. Will you commit to directing positive energy toward my campaign for one minute a day? Call it a prayer if you want. Don't believe in that? Then go Flat Out Scientific - everything is made up of energy. So, direct some POSITIVE energy from you to me and my efforts in the 86th District for one minute a day. This is not a joke - I am totally serious with this request. It will take an Unlikely Army for me to be elected - and I need that Army to surround this effort with all the positive energy we can muster.

2. Share, share, and share. For the next 60 days I am going to put up a series of 15 memes - I will rotate through them 4 time each. They will highlight campaign issues and promises. I will be putting them on Facebook, and Twitter - @cliff486threp. I need UA members to share the heck out of them. Like them, comment on them, and share them. That way MORE people will see them and we can grow the Army! Here is an example: 

Cliff on Twitter: @cliff486threp

3. I do NOT want to spend any more than $2,000 on this campaign. Money is NOT the answer, it is the PROBLEM in politics. To date I have raised a little over $1,600 and all of my bills are paid. The remaining money I collect will be spent advertising on social media in the last 60 days. If you want to kick in a little to get me to 2k, fantastic. If I should go over that amount, I will donate the overage to FROM's food bank.

If we are going to turn Lansing upside right - then I want to do it in a totally UNlikely manner with an Unlikely Army of people who want to see real change.

So - I need you to send up your best positive energy for a minute every day and to 
SHARE THE HECK out of the memes I start putting up on 9/10/16. 
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