Cliff Yankovich Drums Support For Fran Shore

 Above you will see my kick drum - below you will see my friend Fran Shor. 
I am drumming up support for Fran. (hyuck hyuck hyuck)

I spent the day with Fran at the State Convention in East Lansing. He wants to be on the Wayne State University Board of Governors - take a look at his CV below, he is qualified for sure. He taught there for 40 years. Anyway - all of us in Michigan get to vote for this position, so no matter what District you are in, please give Fran your vote in November.

He has been a Green since the inception of the party.

Hey has an official Facebook Page for his campaign.
You can get there by clicking the link below.
Stop by, hit the "like" button and let Fran know you will be voting for him.

Here is some information about me:

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