Cliff Yankovich is YOUR Man for The 86th District- Your Man, Not Some PAC's

If you are a voter in the 86th District - then I am YOUR man to represent you in Lansing.

That is not an ego based statement - it is an affirmation that if you vote me into office, I will do my best to answer to YOU - not to the dollars of Political Action Committees (PACs).

As a Green Party candidate I can not and will not accept any PAC money. My opinion and my vote are not for sale. The Green Party is not for sale - no one from the home office is going to call me and tell me how to vote because some lobbying group just cut a big check to the Green Party of Michigan.

Can you see how vastly different this is from our current situation? My efforts on behalf of Michigan as a whole and the people who live in the 86th District ARE NOT FOR SALE.

Why is this so important to you and the State of Michigan?

Consider these three vital issues in our State and how they are being controlled by PAC money.

1. Pipeline #5 that threaten's the freshwater supply of MILLIONS of people in Michigan. The reason the valve is not being turned off NOW for our protection is PAC money from the oil and gas industry.

2. Our terrible roads. Bowing to the PAC power of Tea Party groups. legislators from the party in power have signed pledges to never raise any kind of tax. For any reason. Our roads could be repaired with a slight increase in fuel tax where ALL the money would be directed to roads. An easy, common sense approach that would make sense to anyone. Instead we have the same crappy roads and a half baked plan that does not even begin until the people who created it are likely out of office.

3. Public Schools are being ground into dust. Michigan leads the nation in For Profit schools. Millions of dollars are being spent on Charter Schools that never even serve a student. Tax funds are being used by Charter schools for MARKETING as they compete with each other for students. In the mean time "over paid teachers" are being blamed for the failure of schools. This is happening because of the millions of dollars being spent by DeVos et al in their effort to privatize education completely.

The PAC-men and PAC-women are eating our State alive.

This needs to change now - and the way to change it is to elect men and women who answer to the voters - not PACs. 
I am one such person - 
I am YOUR man for the 86th District. 

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