We Need More Green and/or Independents To Run For Office - Especially Women

QUICK INTRO: My name is Cliff Yankovich and it is my intention to run as the Green Party candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives 86th District. 

For the last several weeks I have been focusing my reading on books that INSPIRE me. They speak to my spirit. Synonyms for "inspire" are stimulate, motivate, encourage, influence, rouse, move, stir, energize, incite. The word has a literal meaning - "to breathe in air; inhale."
Anyway, this morning as I was waiting patiently to see if I was going to be impaneled to sit on a jury I was reading one such book and something hit me.
Many of us believe that conditions in our great state have hit an all time low. Before the events of the last 2-3 years, and especially the Flint water situation, I have never been embarrassed to be a Michigander. When you pile up all the evidence of the last couple of years, it becomes harder to take pride in the Mitten:

  • The oil pipeline(s).
  • Our state was LISTED AT THE BOTTOM in terms political transparency.
  • The water in Flint.
  • The multiple malfunctions of privatization as demonstrated in our cities, schools, and even our prison system.
  • The completely moronic handling of a basic matter like PAVING roads.
Since my purpose here is to INSPIRE you, I will not continue to list our problems.

The light bulb went off for me this morning when I realized that most times in our lives we learn the most when the circumstances in our lives are THE WORST. I have been an advocated for single payer health care for years, but the matter hit me right in the throat when I was diagnosed and treated for throat cancer in 2014. As a non-smoker, I felt completely shafted as I endured the treatment AND watch as medical expenses emptied away the small amount of savings I had put away. Now the subject became as real as it gets. I can whine about my experience OR I can take away some of the great positives. 

I can speak with authority about the way medical problems hit on both fronts. But I can also speak with authority about the awesome power of community as demonstrated to me by the Pink Arrow Project in Lowell. The outpouring of moral support and affection was overwhelming. Julie and I had given to the Pink Arrow Project, but certainly never thought we would be on the receiving end.

My Point?

Michigan is suffering from a cancer. It is a cancer of governmental origin. It has been brought on by the foolhardy efforts to "save money" and a total lack of mercy for people behind the 8 ball. The residents of Lowell could have looked at my cancer and figured - "Sucks to be you" and gone on with their lives. Instead, I was flooded with cards and emails - people dropped in the store to encourage Julie as she tried to keep things going on her own.

We need to apply that kind of Rapid Response First Aid to our state as a whole. That is what really makes America great - we help one another out in times of need. We ALL know that if the water problem in Flint occurred in a wealthy area like East Grand Rapids or Bloomfield Hills it would be a non-issue. It would have been dealt with in a New York minute. 

I am NOT going to stand by and watch my favorite state go down the crapper by abusing people with limited financial resources and/or people of color. Are you?

We have hit the skids, but NOW is the time to recover. Now is the time for people who care about others and who are sick of the direction our state government has been going to band together and bring about changes. Yes, it can be done. Yes, YOU can play a part in it.

Did you know there are ZERO office holders in the Michigan House of Representatives who are either from the Green Party or some other form of Independent? None. Here is the chart: Rep List. Folks, now is our time.

The very fact that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are resonating with people all over the country is a clear beacon - NOW is the time to jump in the water. Now is the time to reach out to democrats and republicans who are looking for something to embrace. We ALL need water, almost all of us need decent roads, if we are to have a future we need to have ALL of our kids get a decent education.

Run for office or support the hell out of someone who is. I know of only 4 other Green Party candidates who are in the race. HELLO - Michigan has 110 Districts. So that means there are 105 MORE opportunities for you and your friends. That is just the House, there are probably way more opportunities across the Mitten for YOU to get involved and turn this state around. 

One more thing - all five of us who are entering the fray are MEN. 

Hello Green Ladies - get involved. There is time. 
We have a chance. 
We can make a difference.  
Do it. 
Governance with compassion for the Greater Good of All is possible.

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