Why Sia Will Never Sell Much Music in The US

Poor, poor Sia.
She has been given a wonderful voice, but she will never succeed in America.

For me, there exists a parallel between Sia compared to Miley Cyrus and
the Muslim faith compared to American Christianity.

Our fearless leaders and wanna-be leaders tell us daily that we have got 
to stop letting followers of Islam pass our borders. Our biggest collective fear
boils down to the fact that they are NOT like us.

If you have ever listened to Sia, then you know she has 
a wonderful instrument in her voice. But she will never sell herself and
her music big time in the US of A because she dresses like a Muslim woman.

Here is a picture of her recent appearance on Saturday Night Live -
a most excellent opportunity to reach real Americans with her music.

Look how she dressed? 
Say what?  

Sia, honey darling, that is NOT the way to reach America.
You wanna hide your face and your body?
Get yourself booked on Syria Night Live, okay?

Now, consider Miley Cyrus. A child of Disney.
A good girl, who knows how to reach out to America with her music.

The answer is clear.
If you want to reach  America with your music, Sia
then you have got to start hanging your boobs out honey.
Stick your tongue out in a few hundred pictures
and maybe perform a couple songs sitting astride a 12 foot penis.

You don't have to thank me, Sia. I only want to help you because I 
respect you as an artist and appreciate your music.

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