Stuff That Works - A Review of e-cloth Deep Clean Mop

I am very pleased to review the e-cloth Deep Clean Mop.
Here is a product that does exactly what it says it will do.
Cleans your floor quickly, effectively and easily using WATER.
No chemicals, waxes, sprays, potions or SMELL.
I noticed a brand new e-cloth sitting in our laundry room for a couple of weeks.
Yesterday, Julie was out with a couple friends and I decided to take it
for a test drive.
Pretty simple instructions: Get the head of the mop wet and wring out the excess.
Mop in an S-shape and maintain the same leading edge.
That is so you don't turn the mop head around which causes a lot of what you
have cleaned up to come off the head.
BINGO - works like a champ on our dark, laminate floor.

Did I mention we have two cats and a professional hair producing Beagle-thing?
Otter is a four legged hair factory.
Otter is a great dog, but she throws off more hair than you can imagine.
The e-cloth mop got all the hair from ALL three animals as well as the dirt.
When Julie returned she was pleased. Not only was she happy I did the floor, but she was thrilled with the e-cloth. She had already bought a different product that did not work
and had actually put off using the e-cloth because she was afraid it might not work either.
DISCLOSURE: We paid $39.99 for our e-cloth at our local Ace Hardware. This review is giving freely with no compensation from any one.
The e-cloth Deep Clean Mop is a winner.

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