Chuck Peterson - Mister P Just Took Me To School

Life is some kinda weird.
The first time I met Chuck Peterson was at a backyard concert with
some Finnish musicians hosted by some friends. Chuck had undergone
surgery and treatment for Stage 4 cancer in his esophagus.
At that point Chuck was looking pretty damn good and doing pretty well.
At that point Cliff was waiting to find out what was going on in his throat.
My throat cancer story is on this here blog.
Chuck's story is on his blog: Chuck Peterson's Blog
Let me boil some things down.
1. Chuck is one amazing guy.
2. I am fortunate to have known him, however briefly.
3. Chuck is not going to be amongst us for very much longer.
In the last few days it was revealed that cancer had beaten up Chuck's liver and he
does not have long. Chuck did not miss a beat - just hours after hearing THAT news,
Chuck lay in his hospital bed expressing concern for the pain and discomfort
that a mutual friend of ours must be experiencing since chipping several teeth in a bicycle mishap.
That is the kind of man Chuck Peterson is.
Chuck and his wife Mary at his party 5.25.15
Chuck decided he was going to face his last days/weeks on his terms.
He came home.
He decided to have a party on Memorial Day.
Gotta admit I wrestled with going over there today.
This is NOT the normal course of events, Chuck - what is SUPPOSED to happen is that
you slip quietly away and then we go to a service and then we sit
around afterward eating and discussing what a helluva guy Chuck was.
NOPE - we are not sticking to that protocol.
We are going to go to Chuck's house, express our affection to him live and direct
and then stand around eating and talking about what a helluva guy Chuck IS.
Chuck's way is a wee bit difficult -
Chuck's way is way more better.

Chuck at our daughter's wedding last summer.
Unlike many of the people at the party today, I do not have years and years
of Chuck Peterson stories to share. My cancer took a chunk out of the time
we could have had more adventures and his cancer put a lid on any future ones.
The word Champion is defined thusly:
"person that has defeated or surpassed all rivals."
Chuck Peterson is a Champion.

Chuck post comedy concert this past winter.
Chuck giving the finger to cancer at Lake Michigan
5.24.15 with the hashtag #fuckcancer.

I have to admit to being a little upset with Chuck.
Chuck - you set the bar way too freakin' high -
what are the rest of us mere mortals supposed to do now?
Thanks Champ. 
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