The Great Spirit Sent The Message of The Drain - I ignored it for 8 years.

I am the latest in a series of folks being used by The Great Spirit (TGS) to communicate
The Message to the inhabitants of Earth.
Only some of the Actual History of The Message has been revealed to me -
but I will share what I know.
I am just a cog in a wheel - the first cog I know about
was a silent film star in 1936, then almost two decades later The Message
was more fully revealed to a couple of songwriters who
convinced a Mega Star to sing it.
Read on, please.
Most of us have seen the pictures of Jesus on a piece of toast - or we hear about it when someone opens a paint can and are starring at the Virgin Mary.
Usually when these things happen, the people to whom they happen take action - they tell the world about how god (aka The Man Upstairs, the Holy Spirit, Allah, etc) has reached out to humanity through their stained ceiling tile or food item.
Some of you may recall the 1977 movie Oh, God! in which god appeared to a grocery store manager, played by John Denver, in the form of a regular guy, played by George Burns. The movie was fun and had a very positive message that SHOULD have been able to be digested by people of any faith or creed. The message was basically - hey, you are alive on a really cool planet - be happy. The character played by John Denver had a hard time believing the Great Spirit was appearing and talking to him and then once convinced, he had a terrible time convincing others. Even though it was a positive message.
Well, I must confess that TGS tried to get in touch with me about 8 years ago and I largely ignored the communication. Perhaps it was because I had seen the movie Oh, God! about 8 times and the fear of the store manager character had transferred itself to me.
For what ever reason, I REPENT.
Now, I am going to share with the entire whole world wide interweb about The Message sent to my house 8 years ago by TGS.
The Message came to me over a couple of weeks time via the sink in our bathroom. Yes, you read that correctly - the Creator of All sent a message to us with a bathroom sink as conduit.
You doubt it?
No way?
Well, come on - take a look at the two pictures above: Jesus in a frying pan and the Virgin Mary on a slice of pizza. What makes you think TGS would hesitate to send a message in a sink?
I offer as proof, not ONE picture of The Message. Not two or three - but a whole gang of them. For those of you who are unable, or unwilling, to count for what ever reason (and I am NOT judging, yo - I barely made it past Algebra without bribing my teacher) there are 11 images below.
Each of these very distinct images were taken with my phone over a period of a couple of weeks in 2007. Why then? I dunno - maybe we were being prepared for the financial shitstorm that was about to plop down on us - OR maybe TGS knew that I would drop the ball, so to speak, and not really get the word out until NOW. (Duh! Of course TGS knew, else it would not be TGS.)
I would venture to say that we all need The Message now as much, or even more, than we did when it was first offered to us. The First Offering was very subtle, so subtle in fact that most of us missed it when it appeared as a sound track for the 1936 silent film "Modern Times" by Charlie Chaplin. Many of us missed it by virtue of the fact that we were not born yet, but you know what I am getting at, right? Yes, Charlie Chaplin composed the music which conveyed the message from TGS - "Smile".
When that effort went mostly unheeded, (lots of people did SMILE during Chaplin's film), TGS used three more people in another attempt to share The Message. John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons added the lyrics and title in 1954, then wisely got golden voiced Nat "King" Cole to sing it.

Yup - The Message is simple.

"Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile."

Lower your heart rate
Reduce Stress
Put yourself in a better mood
Kill Pain
Increase attention span.

BEFORE you snort with derision and dismiss The Message,
please consider all the wonderful advantages of smiling.


Still not buying it?

It is FREE.
Smiling makes you look younger.
It boosts your immune system.

I know for a fact that my
drain is NEVER sick.


I have done my job.
THS is not going to bug me any more for dropping the ball.
Now get out there and spread
About four days after I put this up, Julie made a ring in our store from a Petoskey stone that we bought a couple of years ago. She gave to me to take pictures of it to put on the web.
BINGO - look in the stone!

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