Don't put a stick in My Wheel of Karma - giving and receiving

So there I was in the check out at the grocery store this morning. Lady in front of me had a sleeping bambino in her cart right in my line of vision. Just before she finished with the cashier, she asked her to take back a giant package of toilet paper. I overheard her saying, "I seem to have lost a $10 bill." and I noticed she was paying with cash.

"Okay", I think to myself. "Here is an opportunity to grease my wheel of karma. To get some reciprocity points in my PLUS column. To Pay It Forward." Julie and I have been the recipients lately of some very nice time and effort from someone, so here is my turn to do a good deed and go into the day with a happy feeling. Plus, it isn't like she was trying to buy vodka or lottery tickets - toilet paper comes in handy pert near every day!

So, I quietly ask the cashier to start my bill with the package of toilet paper and give it to the lady. I had a moment or two of hesitation - will I insult the young mom if I help out? Is she going to think some creepy old dude is up to something? Anyway, I opened my yapper (big surprise, right?) and volunteered to do a good deed.


The lady put a stick in my Wheel of Karma.
She would not let me be nice.

First, let me say I get it. Pride can get in the way of all kinds of blessings, yeah? How many of us refuse help of some kind - because of pride rearing the ugly head it has been given?

Call it what you will - The Law of Reciprocity. The Wheel of Karma. Paying It Forward. Doing unto others. What goes around comes around. The important thing to remember is that for the Circle of Life to roll around - IT HAS TO BE ALLOWED TO ROLL.

If the lady had allowed me to buy her toilet paper, then my return to my car would have been happy and I would have had a spring in my step. She might have a cool story to tell her husband or partner when she went home. The cashier might have been able to share it in the break room.

NOPE - none of that happened. All that potential yummy stuff went down the crapper.

Moral of the story: Say "Yes Please"
when life offers you a freebie!
The Wheel of Karma needs to roll on.
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