Tell Walgreens To Stay In The US and Pay Taxes

I am sure you have all seen the news. Walgreens is poised to "move" their corporate address overseas. The reason: Tax savings. To simplify it - this large Corporation wants to increase their bottom line at the expense of the Nation that CREATES their bottom line in the first place.
Walgreens started in 1901 with a single store, now they have 8,678 stores scattered across the country in every one of the fifty states. In 2013, their sales were a reported 72.28 BILLION dollars.
Now they want to "move" to save paying taxes to the nation from which they made their fortune.
Why do I care?
Why am I taking it so personally?
Well, I can remember as a kid when my mom would take me to a Walgreens - back when they had a soda fountain and served food. It was a real treat for us to go there and get a sandwich and maybe a chocolate milkshake.
Fast forward to last year when I battled throat cancer - all of my medication was purchased at one of two Walgreens. I went there because their staff was friendly and caring. Between my insurance company and my out of pocket expenses, I spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars at Walgreens.
That's is why I am taking it personally.
On a larger scale, consider this: Walgreens takes in MILLIONS of dollars in revenue from Medicare and Medicaid directly. I would wager they take millions, if not billions, more from people who are collecting social security. Medicare and Medicaid are TAX funded programs. They are paid for by ALL of us - no matter what your political stripe is.
How can they take and take from a system they do not want to contribute to?
This boils down to piracy - Walgreens wants to milk every penny out of a nation that they do not want to help sustain. This is bullshit - they want to sack and loot the country.
With all the flag waving that goes on  - I am here to tell you that such moves are UN-Patriotic and are anti-American. You cannot reap billions in sales from a country and refuse to put anything back in. This is NOT sustainable.
Please sign my petition to ask Walgreen CEO Gregory Wasson to keep Walgreens based in the very country
that provides BILLIONS in revenue.
Also - Call Walgreens 1-800-925-4733, option 4 
and express yourself.
You can fill out a contact form at:
Kick it old school via snail mail:
200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, IL 60015


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