Stuff That Works - The Fixx Live in Concert

The Fixx - five guys making music since 1982.
I fell in love with them in 1983 when Reach The Beach came out.
I played that album over and over and over. Vinyl in the house and my
homemade cassette tape in the car(s).
Became a fan and bought everything they recorded it and eagerly awaited an
opportunity to see them live.
and waited......
and waited...................................
Finally happened July 29, 2013 - 30 YEARS LATER!
But it was sure worth it.
Rupert, Dan, Jamie, Cy, and Adam.
I was geeked to see The Fixx, but there was a small nagging thought about maybe
they are going to be stale or bored or .....NOPE - they kicked ass.

Adam Woods on drums and Dan K Brown (below) on bass supply the
foundation of the music. And what a lovely foundation they provide.
Tight is Right!
I love syncopation and these guys excel at it. They did a wonderful job all night.

Jamie West-Oram coaxes (and sometimes strangles!) wonderful things
from his guitar. The notes bend, swoop, and tickle your ears.
And you best believe he can reproduce what is on the albums in a
live setting. He was spot on again and again.

Rupert Greenall stands behind his bank of keyboards and
creates sonic magic. Some of his work is so subtle you might miss it - other times
his efforts are front and center. Funny thing is - whichever way he is playing, be it atmospheric
or something a little more straight at you,
it is JUST RIGHT. The Fixx would be broken without him. (sorry....)

Then there is this guy - Cy Curnin. After more than three decades his voice is
still all there. He did justice to my favorite oldies and did a great job of selling
their latest - Beautiful Friction - when they mixed the new in with the old.
The Fixx earned their keep. They rocked the house with song after song. This was no 25 minute set of half baked efforts at their big hits - we got a show. They nailed every tune.
Speaking of Cy - I found out from the other band members that they actually cut the show a little short and did not come out for a second encore - even though the audience continued to clap, whistle and stomp long after they exited stage left - because Cy was troubled with a sore throat!
All I can say is if this is how he sings when his throat is bugging him - DAY-YUM!!
What made the evening even better for Julie and I as well as a bunch of
other Fixx Fans is that the whole band came back out of the bus and hung out
signing autographs and shaking hands. Nice guys!
From what I understand - The Fixx will be out on the road this year as well. I strongly advise you - if you like their music, then go see them. They do it right.
You can check their tour dates HERE.
On a personal note - one song from their latest album provided a tremendous
help to me when I was in the middle of a 3-4 month battle with throat cancer.
The song is "Just Before Dawn". Cy wrote it for his daughter, but I claimed it as my own
when things looked their worst for me - down 43 pounds, on a feeding tube and barely able to stand up and take a shower - this song was a big help.
For others my condition was dark, but for me it was just before the dawn!
Thanks for the tune and thanks for 3 decades of great music.

I am proud to say that all the members signed a vinyl copy
of Reach The Beach for me.  I have on my wall in the music room.

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