Throat Cancer - January Update

The theme song for this episode is
"Gone Daddy Gone" by Violent Femmes.
First on our list - Feeding Tube.
Gone Daddy Gone.

Next on our list - that distinctive Atom Tan.
Gone Daddy Gone.

And the best is last - Julie and I met with Dr. Bott
on Monday January 6th and she delivered the happy news
that the PET scan I was given on December 28th
showed the following:
As in "no evidence" of cancer lurking in my throat
or any other part of my body - the scanned me from top to toe.
Gone Daddy Gone.
Well then - hot day-yum. All that fun in the radiation booth and the three
doses of chemo and the retching and the weight loss and the fear and
the crying and the prayers, white light, positive vibes, cards, emails, texts,
and (yes even the) threats - PAID OFF!
My strength is coming back -
Working with my Body Blade:
Playing with Ludwig and Co every day - sometimes twice:

There are only a couple things left to deal with -
My version of Blue (green) Tooth seen above is a daily fluoride treatment
in order to keep my toofers on account of the Dry Mouth that persists.
Taste buds seem to be getting a bit better. Can't taste everything - but who cares,
I am eating every day.
2014 is shaping up to be a very good year.

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