Stuff That Works: Pet Ease from Nutri Vet

We share a house and business with Otter - a rare Golden Norwegian Golden Beagle -
or maybe she is just a brown mutt with a healthy dose of beagle.
She can alternately be a mole hunting, chicken killer of a regular dog....
or a Fairy Princess or Dowager Queen (now that she is getting older.)

Anyway, Otter asked me to write this on her behalf (paws + keyboards= pain in the rumpus).
Otter has orbited the sun at least 13 times and with each passing year she gets more and more upset at Bad Sonic Moments (BSMs) - like THUNDER or fireworks.
During BSMs she would pant, pace, and worry. It was hard for us to watch and no amount of calming words, petting or scrubbling (vigorous petting) would calm her.
One day life became easier - Julie picked up a bottle of Pet Ease at Chow Hound for a little over $12 US funds. Best 12 bux we have every invested in Otter.
Now when BSMs occur we give Otter between two and four of these - she loves them and eats them with NO hesitation - and BINGO "All is calm, all is bright." She has even fallen asleep during the kind of booming thunderstorm West Michigan can provide.
Gotta dog that goes bezerker during BSMs? Give these a try.
PS - No, I am NOT on the Nutri Vet payroll.
Paid full price for these and wanted to pass along their effectiveness.

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