Throat Cancer Week 2.5 - a BIG mental break through for little Cliffy.

Just had a wonderful "Eureka" moment as I was washing up some dishes after dinner. (Really, I do dishes - if Julie is going to spoil me with the great food she prepares, I am more than happy to do some clean up. Ask her.)

This is a photo reproducing what happened in my brain over the sink.

Okay - don't know if you have snooped around my blog here at all, but the BIGGEST attraction on here is my account of dealing with gall stones using an alternative method. If you google - "gallstones olive oil" the #3 link that comes up is to that very blog post from June 2008.

Say what you will about it, to date it has been viewed over 93,000 times and it gets over 1,000 views a week. Nothing compared to an "oops" video of some actress getting out of a car, but certainly the big hitter on my blog. In summary, my whole point of view in that post is that I eschewed the traditional medical method of surgery for a somewhat different approach. It worked for me. I also have some stuff up here about using apple cider vinegar for heartburn (reflux) and some other non-traditional approaches to wellness. If you took the time to read the post and my subsequent comments, I never try to discourage anyone from seeking medical help. I just relate what worked for me and let people make their own decisions.

The other day I had a well meaning friend ask me if I had considered raw fruits and juices to deal with my throat cancer rather than chemo n radiation. I had an answer for him, but my conviction level was about 68%. Here I am, Mr. Homeopath, and I am getting zapped daily and have signed up for two more does of shit I KNOW IS GOING TO MAKE ME SICK AS A DOG. Is this the same guy who stayed away from the docs for gall bladder problems? Am I for real?

Well, when the light went off in my head, my conviction rate on my answer to this line of questioning jumped to 100%! For me, this is a HUGE step. As most of you know, I am a highly opinionated so and so and never hesitant to share my shizzle. I am passionate about what is important to me and, while I freely admit to course changes on several MAJOR issues in the course of my 55 years, I am always checking to make sure I am able to articulate why I believe what I believe and do what I do.

Which brings me to throat cancer and chemo. In my pursuit of trying to find out WHAT THE HELL was going in my throat, I went full circle. I started at Lowell Family Medicine. From there I explored the healing options in acupuncture and then to a Naturopath, then to a person who works with the energy in our own bodies and a finally a Chiropractor. Then back to Lowell Family Medicine.

Am I open to alternative methods of healing? You bet your ass.

I told ALL of the providers what my symptoms were as best I could. NOT ONE of them suggested throat cancer. Of the alternative folks, the ONLY one who listened to what I said and then confessed that he was not sure if what he could offer would really address my problem was the chiropractor. (Dr. Jim Chichester in Lowell, in case you are looking for a good, compassionate chiropractor.) Jim did me a world of good in terms of mobility in my neck and upper back, but he was relieved when I told him that I was going in to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor for the persistent Thing In My Throat.

NOTE: I am NOT slamming any of the alternative practitioners in any way. I firmly believe that I learned and progressed toward being healthy inside and out as a result of their efforts on my behalf.

HOWEVER - nobody got to the root of the problem. They helped me deal with some other things and did a nice job and I would recommend any of them, but no one caught the cancer because none of them had the little gizmo to stick in my head and LOOK DOWN MY THROAT for the problem like the ENT guy did.

What is more important, Dr. Bott et al looked at my thing and said with no hesitation - "We can fix this Cliffy. We got a program to stomp that cancer." Hey, if someone would have a. diagnosed my problem and b. told me "We got this, shorty." then I would have given an alternative a try. Really.

If someone said, "Well Cliff - drink this ground up carrot/broccoli/apple juice three times a day for a month and that growth will be GONE." Then hell yes, I would sign up for that instead of chemo and radiation.

Doctors Spoto, Bott and Dr. J told me that they have a method and I went with it. I have ALWAYS spoken in favor of ANYTHING that works - if you tell me a bracelet made with some magnets does a great thing for your arthritic shoulder - BRAVO. If not eating gluten gives you more energy and better over all health, then do it.

And so it goes.
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