Throat cancer week two - more bat, less ball.

No bad stories to tell this week.
5 more days of radiation under my belt.
No more vaso-collapso ER visits.
Felt much more like that bat than the ball:

In fact, I even teamed up with one of the nurses at the Center and had a little fun with my radiation doc - Dr. Bott. Every Thursday is Doctor Day in which we all meet with one of the docs to review the week, check weight, etc. Well, you might recall LAST Thursday was a mess in which my meeting with Dr. Bott consisted of her calling 911 and getting me into the ER.

So this week I conspired with Myra - one of the nurses. Once I was in the patient room and waiting for Dr Bott, I put my feet up where my head should be and arranged myself sprawled upside down on the exam table. When Dr Bott tapped lightly and walked in I said, "Help me Dr. Bott - you need to call 911." Her reaction was really cute - it was worth the effort.

So anyway - that is the news from Lake Cancerbegone, where throats are sore and mucus is thick.

Currently I am working on an alter ego - one Atom Tan.
Announcer Voice: "Atom Tan - by day a humble jewelry salesman in small town America. But once he dons The Mask he becomes ATOM TAN - able to suck up Chemo Juice and X-rays like a thirsty dog lapping water. Atom Tan - protecting his home and his country......."

Well, you get the drift.

Just got back from a nice walk with the dog on which I cut loose with a bit of this:

Yeah - uh-huh, dancing it here boss.

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