What If - we worked on things we have in common?

With the election finally over - some stuff is swirling through my head. I believe there are a lot of things that folks on the left and the right side of the aisle have in common.

I think ALL OF OUR INTERESTS would be better served by putting our disagreements aside for a while and concentrating on the things we agree need to change.

What is we quit going head to head on stuff?

ELECTORAL COLLEGE: When Gore lost to Bush (after capturing more popular votes) the Dems cried out against the electoral college. Same thing happened this time when Obama whupped Romney in the EC while not having that much of a popular vote win.
Okay - Left and right agree that the EC thing is dumb. LETS WORK TOGETHER AND ELIMINATE IT. Not very many of us like it - so lets do something about it.

LEGALIZE MARIJUANA - all you need to do is look around Michigan and you can realize that people of all kinds want to legalize pot. Ann Arbor made it a petty crime decades ago, and this election saw similar propositions pass in Detroit (major Demland), Kalamazoo, and even conservative GRAND RAPIDS. Colorado is a nice reddish/blue (or bluish red) and they made recreational use of pot legal in the whole ding dang state.
I understand that these efforts will face a ton of legal hassles from state and federal officials, but we could all work together to at least end the stupid war on pot.

UNLIMITED SPENDING - Why didn't the Supreme Court just put "For Sale" signs in front of the White House and Congress when they made their Citizens United decision? I know people who are committed donkeys and elephants who thinks this SUCKS. Well, lets work together and get that dealt with BEFORE we have to sit through another cycle of billionaires waving their check books at the media and inundating us with ads that are mostly bullshit (from BOTH sides) and ramping up our anxiety.

Those are three that come to mind quickly.
How do we change them - FLOOD our elected officials with emails, letters, phone calls, petitions and what ever else we can think of DEMANDING that they take action. No excuses.

Then we could move on to other stuff - hey, we could move mountains I bet.

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