Stuff That Works: A review of Rachel Culp's Deep Blue C

Rachel Culp makes stage clothes for rock stars AND she makes cool duds for us regular folks as well.
I cannot remember how I first found Rachel's work - I think it was a link or reference from a Todd Rundgren fan site or from his own site. (Rachel has been making stage clothes for Todd since the days of Utopia.) Anyway, I saw some of her work on her Etsy webpage - and when I saw this jacket, I just knew it would be perfect for Julie. I was correct (even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then) and she loves it. It looks great and wears well.

If you know my wife, you know all these flowers and wild colors are just the kind of thing she would want to have in a jacket!

Fast forward a few months and Rachel put something up on her Facebook Page about a new series of items she had done using images of Todd Rundgren. Well - DANG - I have been a huge fan of Todd since uhm, 1972 or so (yeah, I was in kindergarten when I started listening. I was a progressive 5 year old).

Lo and behold - she had just done a pair of jeans IN MY SIZE (above). Surely, this is a sign from the gods of rock-n-roll, yeah? Must have - great gift for myself! I was very pleased when I gave them to me!
I was extremely happy with the pants. They fit great and looked wonderful. You can tell by the way she put them together that Rachel has been familiar with fabrics and sewing machines for a while. Excellent workmanship - great looking fabric images of Todd.
I got them a couple of weeks ago, and today there was a perfect opportunity for me to make my debut in public with them: at Art Prize 2012 in Grand Rapids. (If you don't know anything about Art Prize, then click on the link and learn another reason why we love Grand Rapids.)

I had a blast wondering around downtown G.R. with these on. I got a ton of comments (yeah, normally I just HATE being the center of attention...cough, cough... but I made an exception today). Men and women got a big kick out of my jeans - I even had to pose for pictures twice! Oh how I suffered.
Trying out my Todd pants down by the Grand River. 10.1.12

This is Rachel - you can see lots of examples of her work on her Etsy Page. She is also willing to custom make things using your favorite stuff. It was a treat for me to learn that Rachel and her husband (who sold merch for Todd/Utopia back in the days when I went to 7 of his/their concerts in ONE YEAR) lived in Michigan for awhile. They lived in Howell for a couple years, then went back out to Californy - maybe it had something to do with the amount of sunshine?

Anyway, Julie and I could not be happier with our Deep Blue C clothing.
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