Stuff That Works - A Review of Avon Gripster Tires.

Knobbies make me Knervous.

Bought a new to me 2007 KLR 650 a couple thousand miles ago and it had some knobbie tires on it. As someone with a non-dirt riding background, knobbies on pavement have always made me a tad nervous. While I am no knee draggin' stunt boy, I do enjoy leaning into corners and doing so with knobbies has always made me THINK about my tires - something I do not want to do whilst enjoying my lean.

Thankfully the knobbies on the KLR were near the end of their lives after riding on them for a couple of months. (If they were original tires, then they have 10k on them.)

When I told him that I was riding mainly on pavement with some dirt/gravel roads thrown in once in a while, the service guy Luke at Treds n Sleds on 29th Street in Kentwood, recommended the Avon Gripsters. I went online for reviews and people seemed very happy with them, so we set a time for them to be installed.

Avon Gripster on the rear of my KLR 650.
I love these tires! Have had them on for a little over a week - just shy of 300 miles and I could not be happier. The first 5 days they were on I rode almost all of the time in the rain. I live in Michigan so I expect to ride in the rain because I commute on my bike and it rains here.

The Gripsters did a nice job on wet pavement.

Once I got them scrubbed in with 100 or so miles, I started to lean over more in the corners.
Wonderful - just what the doctor ordered. Gone was that tippy toe feeling that knobbies always give me when I lean - with the Gripsters I feel like I have a solid, consistent tire underneath me - one that I do not have to think about in the middle of a sweeper.

I am also pleased with how nice they look on my bike.
Black is so tasteful!

If you ride a dual sport and knobbies aren't your cup of tea - think about installing
some Avon Gripsters.

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