Stuff That Works: MUTEMATH, a review of my second experience.

Once upon a time I came across MUTEMATH while channel surfing. Palladia was playing their Armistice concert video. (You Can Buy It Here.) I was hooked at the first song - I immediately bought their music and the concert DVD. Low and behold my wife and I were fortunate enough to see them live in Grand Rapids Michigan about 2 months after my cable tv experience.

In the months since, I have become a devoted fan - keeping up with their touring, etc.  
Every once in a while my son in law, Randall, will come over and jam on his guitar whilst I hit the drums. On one such day, I sat him down to watch MUTEMATH in their concert video. He loved it. So for his birthday, I got us a couple of tickets to see MUTEMATH at The Loft in Lansing - just 45 minutes up the road from my house. Randall was in for a treat.

A word about the venue - the Loft is on the second floor of some historic buildings in the Stadium district of Lansing. Place holds 400 people - MUTEMATH sold it out. I would see another show there anytime - everyone I came in contact with their was friendly - the drinks were good and the bathroom didn't stink. In fact, the whole place was very nice and tidy. A plus for me was the chance to shake hands with keyboard player and singer - Paul Meany - on the sidewalk before the show. I thanked him for producing some of the best music I have heard in years. I met Darren when they played in Grand Rapids - both men are extremely nice and are not toting around 206 lb egos.

MUTEMATH enjoy what they do and the fun they are having onstage is contagious. They tore the place up and played with the same intensity they did when performing for over four times as many people as when I saw them the first time. Kudos.

MUTEMATH delivered over and above what Randall and I could have expected - especially considering the cramped quarters at The Loft. The band took the stage by walking through the crowd. Drummer Darren King attached his headphones with gaffer tape and MUTEMATH proceeded to give us their all for over two hours. I have a copy of the set list and there are 23 songs on it. (We are NOT talking about 2:28 long songs here - these men play their hearts out.) Paul surfed the crowd on his lighted air mattress and the Confetti Canons (yes, there were two of them) decorated the dancing crowd to perfection.

MUTEMATH travels with their own sound/light people and it shows. The sound was LOUD - but everything came across. Singing and keyboard licks were given their due in the mix. Nothing was lost from guitarist Todd Gummerman even though Darren thumps his drums like a wild man and the bottom end from Roy Mitchell-Cardenas was enough to loosen fillings at times. Ahh, nothing like a foundation of bass you can feel upon which to build musical castles.

Heart and soul - MUTEMATH has it, they put it into their music and they share it in copious amounts in their live shows. Their passion and enthusiasm grabs you - picks you up and twirls you around - then sets you back on Earth at the end of the show. Randall left the building with a perma-grin that was put there by the music and artistry of MUTEMATH. If you get a chance - go experience them. You owe it to yourself!

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