The Law Of Diminishing Expansion

The Law Of Diminishing Expansion - this law states that just about any product on uses to clean, shave, or deodorize ones person in the average 'Merican bathroom will actually EXPAND once it diminishes to the point where a replacement is purchased.

NOTE: The replacement MUST be purchased for the expansion to occur.

I first began to suspect the Law of Diminishing Expansion (LDE) regarding my toothpaste use. Like a good boy, I would brush daily and when my tube would empty past a certain point, I would buy a replacement. I began to notice that ONCE THE REPLACEMENT WAS SAFELY in the house, my old tube of toothpaste would continue to produce toothpaste for days, weeks, and months.

HOWEVER - should I fail to replace the tube it would run out of product quickly, forcing me to brush my teeth with baking soda or the little green things in the clay that keep the cat litter from stinking up the house.

 Even before the TRUTH about LDE was revealed to me, I noticed the same thing happening with my shaving cream. If I FAIL to purchase a replacement, the container would quickly empty once it got past the Critical Mass Replacement Point (CMRP - not to be confused with the RCMP or Royal Canadian Mounted Police). However, when I wisely stocked up in advance, I could shave daily for weeks and months and never, ever have to shave with soap or hand lotion or rain water.
Once the Light of Wisdom (LOW) began to burn brightly, I realized that the LDE could be applied to other bathroom products as well - provided the CMRP is properly observed. I have been using the SAME container of deodorant for several months - simply because the replacement was purchased at the Optimal Time Period (OTP) as it relates to the CMRP.

It has been my experience that the OTP of the CMRP varies from product to product. While the Perfected CMRP (PCMRP) can seem like an elusive goal - it is well worth the effort. I strongly believe, as do those who are in the know about the LOW, that once the PCMRP for a product is found, then one will never, ever, ever have to purchase that product again (save for the back-up which collects dust in the drawer).

May the Force be with you as you use the LOW to exploit the LDE on the road to finding the PCMRP.
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