Stuff That Works: Mooville Chocolate Milk vs Country Dairy

Hello Everyone, my name is Cliff and I am a chocolatemilkaholic.
Hi Cliff.

My decades long love affair with chocolate milk brings me dangerously close to falling into the abyss of abject milk snobbery. I will do my best to avoid this trap. A few years ago I happily discovered Country Dairy: they are a multi-generational family owned dairy in New Era, Michigan. It is a great place to visit if you are in the area - they have tours, great ice cream, fun things for kids, etc.

I was happily convinced that theirs was THE BEST chocolate milk I had ever enjoyed. I like that Country Dairy is family owned and that they do not feed their cows hormones to get more milk from them. By the way, they make great ice cream and other dairy products as well.

Two years ago, I found out about Mooville - another family owned dairy in Michigan. They don't use hormones and like Country Dairy they have a great line up of dairy products and you can visit their family friendly operation just outside Nashville.

Our daughter Ella has a coffee shop in Lowell. She uses Mooville milk and so I was able to try their chocolate milk and WOW - I liked it just as much as Country Dairy. For the last two years I have been consuming both with gusto.

Yesterday, while at Horrocks Market at 44th and Breton I noticed they have BOTH Country Dairy and Mooville (as Julie can attest, sometimes it takes me awhile to notice things) in their dairy case. I decided to purchase one of each and have a taste test. 

First Ever Cliff's Chocolate Milk Off

I prepared myself to the best of my ability physically and spiritually for this monumental event. The milk was chilled side by side overnight in our fridge. The glasses were special issue Pink Elephant chocolate milk tasting glasses from the International Foundation for The Preservation and Worship of Chocolate Milk (IFTPWCM) in Switzerland. (I am a life member.)
Before sitting down at the table, I cleansed my palate, slept for 8 hours and tuned in to my higher self. (No, I didn't take drugs, silly.)
The milk was decanted at 7:48 am this morning and allowed to breathe for 5 minutes according to the guidlines I made up as I went along. NOTE: each container was shaken vigorously not less than seven times and not more than eleven times in accordance with Page 13, subsection 47 of the 2008 IFTPWCM Manual of Milk Testing.
The color of the two is pretty much identical. I started with polite sipping and led off with my old friend Country Dairy. Mmmm, that is fine sipping milk. Sipped Mooville....hmmm, equally lovely treat of a fine summer morning. I carefully sipped more of each, being careful to slurp loudly so Otter and Bill would know I know what I am doing like the wine n coffee tasters. I also Power Gulped a glass of each - since that is my Normal Mode of Consumption (NMC).
Not to boast, but I can toss off a pint of chocolate milk in one long pull, but in the interest of decorum and the wish to set a good example for children I usually divide it into 2 or 3 satisfying chugs.

When all is said and done (thanksbetoGod, eh?). I have to give an ever so slight edge to Mooville. There is just a tad bit more creaminess to it in my opinion. The ingredients of the two are almost identical, so it must be that things are slightly different in Nashville.

I would encourage any Chocolate Milk fans out there to try their own test. Share your results with the world. Let us know what YOUR favorite chocolate milk is, eh?
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