A Salute to Drummers. No beat, no life. Know Beat - Know Life!

This is written as a response to the cute YouTube vids that portray drummers in a negative light. "Drummer at wrong gig", "mad drummer", etc. As one who drums let me first say to the haters, "I unclog my nose in your general direction."

We are all kept alive by a beat - your heart does NOT produce a melody or a guitar solo - YOU GOTTA HEART BEAT if you are taking air and staying alive.

The world would be a vastly different place without we had no drums.

Consider Christianity - all historical records, or at least the song Bing n David doo-etted on, tell us that Jesus hisself asked for the drummer. "Come, he told me" sings the little drummer boy. He was NOT the little keyboard player or the little DJ - nope, the Son of Man needed some beats.

 All accounts point to Africa being the cradle of civilization. Pretty common knowledge that the first news, carried on the African News Network, went from village to village via DRUMS. When the villagers were aching for the weather for the upcoming cricket tourney or took to wondering what happened on the stock market that day - they listened to the drummers. (Duh - why else are they called talking drums?)

For those of you who believe the world begins n ends with 'Merica, lemme direct your attention to this famous historical picture of the three guys who STARTED THE REVOLUTION (along with the standard bearer). What do you see - two drummers, the flag dude and a fife player. The ratio is important - twice as many drummers as flag dudes - TWICE AS MANY DRUMMERS as fife players. (C'mon, what ever happened to the fife anyway? Drummers drum on....fife, not so much.)

How about it - want to go to a foot ball game what has no drums? How would the players know which way to run out the tunnel without a driving beat calling them to padded warfare?

In Review:
Drums make the world go round.
Jesus dug drum solos. 
Drums n drummers invented the earliest permutation of the Interweb (shut up Al, you KNOW it wasn't you).
America would not be here without they had none drummers.
Football would suck with no drums.

When the drum beat in your chest ends Jake - you dead.

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