Why no internet slacktivism aimed at Apple?

What is the deal with 'Mericans and Apple? My question pertains to the TOTAL lack of internet activism directed at this company. Some great stuff has happened because of so-called "slacktivism". A bunch of uptight ladies jump on JC Penney for using a (gasp) lesbian for spokesperson and BOOM - that group of gals got their collective asses handed to them on a plate and Penney's gained a ton of new fans. Rush Limbaugh calls someone a "slut" for using birth control and BLAMMO - the internet comes alive and sponsors pull their money faster than you can update yer FB page.

I am old enough to remember when it was discovered that Kathy Lee's line of clothing was being made by kids (it was in 1996) under piss poor conditions for sale in Wal-Mart, the poop hit the propeller and things changed quickly. She was so affected by the whole thing that she worked with President Clinton to address child labor.

So, how come with ALL the attention being focused on the conditions for workers who make all the popular things for Apple over the last year or so have resulted in ZERO emails in my inbox asking me to sign a petition to send a message to Apple? How come Facebook and Credo and everyone else are not joining together to bitch slap Apple until they really do something to effect a change for the poor schmucks who work 11-20 hours days sometimes for 10-15 days in a row and get screwed on their paychecks time after time.

Most of what I see on the internet is in DEFENSE of Apple!! "Apple is trying." "Apple actually asked for the study to be done." "Apple belongs to the Fair Labor Association." What? Like poor little Apple-Wapple needs help from us, right? Do you think for one minute that if Apple DEMANDED that people who make their products get paid better and get paid the overtime that is rightfully theirs under CHINESE law, that it wouldn't happen yesterday?

Jeepers, this is a company with a cash reserve so freakin' big they don't even know what to do with it. As of the first of this year they were trying to figure out what to do with 100 Billion Dollars they have in the piggy bank.


What is Apple doing with all that clout? Diddly squat as far as I can see. Shoot Luke, they could probably invent an app that would automatically download some money to their workers pockets if they wanted.

I must confess to participating in a good deal of slacktivism myself. I jumped on the bandwagon with the whole Ellen/JC Penney thing. Not only did I commend JCP on their FB page for sticking with Ellen, I also went in and spent some of my money at their store and then I went to their website and told them that a big part of my purchase was because they stuck up for that (gasp) lesbian spokesperson of theirs.

Why does Apple get a pass?
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