Stuff I Thought Was Funny At The Time Vol 2

(upon learning of the pay to graduate scandal at Dickinson U)
Would you join me in singing my alma mater:

"You are good and you are great,
Allowing foreign kids to matriculate,
And if they pay the going rate,
they are sure to graduate.
... Dickinson, Ohhhh Dickinson, you mighty seat of learning,
Its too damn bad they caught on to the money you were earning.

I just joined: 400 Million White Guys Against Everything And Everyone Who Is Not Just Like Us. We are going to change 'Merica. We are going to return it to when it was worth returning to. We are gonna boycott n protest n take action, baby. This country was founded by White Men for White Men. 400 Million White Men is a kick ass group - just ask any of the three of us for more information.


Our back deck is covered with Sex Worker Frost (we don't use the word "hoar" in our house).

Just found a good indicator of 'Merica The Confused: In a state with a Gubner that just spanked unions hard, people are paying a MINIMUM of $800 a seat to see members of a union play each other in a mega-million dollar stadium paid for by tax dollars.

LQTHCIWNRTF is the new replacement for LOL. (Laughed Quietly To Him/Herself Cuz It Was Not Really That Funny)

I am running a test to see who can, I mean who is reading my toast. If you reed my toast and your can prove it, then leave a mess starting with the first 11 letters of the roman numeral 3 (or catorce in France). Anyone without a goat will be issued three blue socks unless the altercation happens on a Wednesday. Capice?
The all knowing Facebook ( a subsidiary of YUM! Brands, which is part of Google which is partially owned by Toyota, a spin off of General Motors which is a sub-corporation of Wal-Mart - owned by Bank of 'Merica) is asking me if I want to be friends with some people who have died AND if I want to "like" a deceased musician. Don't they have an allgorithim for when you pass away? ARE YOU SLEEPING Facebook?

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