Letter for letter transcription of talented writers.

Just recently started spending time on YouTube (I know, I know.....). I have been inspired by what I have found there. For instance - the are TONS of "note for note" videos in which aspiring drummers and guitar players play solos or entire songs by their favorite musical idols "note for note".

Ha! I can do something even cooler. I am doing "letter for letter" transcriptions of authors I admire. Consider this "letter for letter" version of a kick ass Mark Twain passage from Tom Sawyer: “The children fastened their eyes upon their bit of candle and watched it melt slowly and pitilessly away; saw the half inch of wick stand alone at last; saw the feeble flame rise and fall, climb the thin column of smoke, linger at its top a moment, and then — the horror of utter darkness reigned!”

Emboldened with that success, I threw caution out the dang window and tried my hand at others: John Grisham, John Steinbeck, Agatha Christie, Harold Robbins, Bill Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Stephen King - the list goes on and on AND I CAN DO IT!

Watch for my "letter for letter' videos on YouTube soon. Hope they go viral!
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