Want a world with no EPA? Want to remove regulations from corporations? Check this:

Here are some pictures for people who want to remove all regulations from Corporations. (Er, I mean to say "Corpersons" since the Soopreme Kourt made them equal to people.) China is not big on regulations, especially when it comes to protecting the environment. All we have to do is take a look at these results of unfettered corporate concern for people, water, the air, and the planet in general.

 This lady is washing her clothes in a reservoir.

 Here is the amount of coal dust collected on the back and neck of a worker after only a couple of hours. Oh yeah - the worker happens to be picking crops. Still wanna buy your vegetables from Club Club, Cost-Mart and Wal-Co or where ever you can get it the cheapest?

Here is an industrial sewage pipe going out into the ocean.

These yellow blocks of industrial crud are introduced into the Yangtze River. The Yangtze is the longest river in Asia - just short of 4,000 miles long. Anybody want to get a drink downstream of this sludge?

 Another Corporate sewer emptying into the Yellow Sea - between Mainland China and Korea. Hey - I just heard they have a big sale on shrimp down at Wal-Co. Do those funny letters on the bag mean the shrimp come from China ..... or Korea?

Who needs those pesky (costly) smokestack scrubbers - think of the jobs created by all the savings for the Corporations if we would just let the smoke roll.

I found all of these images, along with thousands more, in seconds by searching for "pollution in China" - give it a try. Anyone with a memory back to the '50s and '60s in America can remember when our big companies and corporations did the same thing to the air and water in this country. Thank god for the GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS that put a halt to it.

Anyone who grew up in the Grand Rapids area like I 
did can remember what the Grand River used to be like. For those who do not know, the Grand is Michigan's longest river. I can remember going to a park on the Grand in Ada with my older brother who took some inner city kids camping - probably this was in the middle part of the 1970's. We camped on the river, but we did NOT go in because it stunk. Companies all along it hundreds of miles threw all kinds of waste into the river.

Now that government regulations have been in effect for a few decades, the latest reports on the Grand River tell us that not only is it a lot cleaner than it has ever been, but it is actually safe to eat fish taken from it.

Do you REALLY want to close down the EPA? 

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