Stuff That Works: Talking Heads Chronology

If you are a fan of the Talking Heads, then you need to get a copy of the Chronology DVD. It has some great stuff from the early days of the band - video record of them playing in the mid-70s.

Some of the high points for me are watching Tina gain confidence on her bass -you can see the difference a couple of years makes;seeing Adrian Belew crank out one of his twisted solos on "Crosseyed & Painless"; David doing some of his famous dance moves during "Animals"; the whole of "Burning Down The House" (recorded in '83 for the Letterman show) is tremendous, but I really enjoy Chris Frantz and Steve Scales doing what they do so well on the all-important drums. Speaking of Chris, his big smile is in full effect when they played "Life During Wartime" when they were inducted into the RnR Hall O' Fame.

If you enjoy Talking Heads - you will love this Chronology.

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