Stuff That Works: Review of Amore Trattoria in Comstock Park

A couple of weeks ago one of our customers in the jewelry store and I were talking after he picked up his repair. (Me? Talk? - a rare occurrence, but it happens.) Somehow we started talking about food and he starting raving about this Italian restaurant on Alpine in Comstock Park. He told me how they prepare everything from scratch and that it was a great place to eat. He even had a business card for the place and gave it to me.
Julie loves Italian food, so I gave  the card to her along with my re-telling of the glorious review.
Yesterday we went to the Auto Show (fell in love with all things Mini-Cooper, but that is another story) and Julie suggested we make the trip out to Amore.
They open at 4pm on Sundays, we got there at 10 after - I naively thought we would be the first folks in the place. HA! There were probably 8-10 cars in the lot. What the????
My goodness, once we started eating it became clear why there were people there the moment the clock struck four. Since it was our first visit, we decided to get the 5 small plate Chef Tasting deal for $25 each. We came to this decision after many minutes spent oooing and ahhhing over the selections on the menu. We each ordered different things (duh) so we could have a wide sample. Between us we enjoyed the following delights: Aranici and Sausage Stuffed mushrooms to start, followed by Russa and Speckemele salads, then the Lasagna and Garlic Parmesan soups, our main dishes (which were not all that small, let me tell you) were Spiedini beef tenderloin and a 4 cheese ravioli with bolognese sauce. We finished with tiramisu and a truffle.
I am not a foodie. I do enjoy good food and I very much appreciate friendly service. Amore served it all up in grand style. Angela knew the menu and explained what was in everything we ate and she answered all of our questions. Everything we were served tasted fresh and home made. Even a non-connoisseur like me could taste and appreciate the complex and wonderful mixtures of ingredients in every course. I was going to try to pick out the high points - but everything was wonderful. There was enough garlic in the soup to bring a nice warm glow to my ears! The tender was present in the tenderloin and the salads AND deserts presented wonderful mixtures of flavors that made each bite a treat.
When we were almost done, Jenna Arcidiacono (chef and owner along with her husband) stopped by the table to check that everything was okay.
Jenna - it was Fantastic. We will return.

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