Justice for Bank Robbers named Mike and Mark: What did Michael Vorce really do?

Ahhh, the Justice that money can buy - even here in sleepy West Michigan. Once upon a time there was a white collar criminal named Michael Vorce. Mr. Vorce came from a fairly well off suburban family. Mr Vorce used a variety of methods to dupe several banks for MILLIONS of dollars.

Mike Vorce - high living thief of unrecovered millions.
While doing so, Mr Vorce lived the proverbial life of Riley. He owned what some called a mansion outside Grand Rapids as well as a nice pad in Florida. He drove around in one of several decked out luxury vehicles (you know anybody besides James Bond 007 who drives an Aston Martin Vanquish - with a price tag near 250,00 bucks?)  as well as being a part of the "boating life" on Lake Michigan and in Florida.

One article I read related that when he was busted, law enforcement recovered about 9 million bucks from Vorce, but at that point 16 million dollars was unaccounted for. The dude was living the life.
You can read details of his 2009 conviction here:
Details on Vorce circa 2009

So after defrauding MILLIONS of dollars from various banks, etc. Vorce is given a sentence of 5 years and 3 months. He did spend another 10 months in the can awaiting trial - so lets just say he was handed a sentence of over six years. Fast forward to this year and we learn that the FEDERAL PROSECUTOR wants to make his prison sentence even lighter, because he ratted out some of his high living, lying and cheating compatriots. Hmm, my reading of the case makes it look like he was let off easy in the first place with the 5 year 3 month sentence and now a prosecutor has nothing better to do than to petition to make his life easier?
You can read about the effort here:
Feds Want to Make Life for Vorce Easier

Okay - so millions of stolen money taken and spent on a lavish lifestyle amounts to 6 years in the can with the new wrinkle of a Federal Prosecutor trying to make the sentence lighter. How does that compare with other people who rob banks in Michigan?

I found this poor guy from Bay City. Mark White has a history of trouble with the law including 13 felonies and 14 misdemeanors including multiple driving while intoxicated offenses - I am not defending those actions, just letting you know that White was not a serial bank robber. White even admitted that he had a lifelong battle with alcohol. I didn't read anywhere that Mr White lived it up in a mansion or purchased cars worth more than most peoples homes.

Mark White - almost stole $1,035.00.
While he was out on parole, White went into a bank with a note claiming to have a bomb and demanded money. (They found no bomb on him.) He got away with $1,035.00 - probably what Michael Vorce spent to have his Aston Martin tuned up and detailed or on a good lunch with cocktails with a couple friends at one of the clubs he frequented. White didn't get too far with the money - he attempted to carjack a vehicle driven by an undercover cop was subsequently arrested.
ALL OF THE MONEY - every dollar of the $1,035.00 White took - was returned to the bank. No one was injured during the robbery or arrest. Hmmm, so what do you think a judge handed to Mr White in the way of a sentence?
Mark White gets 35 years for $1,035.00

Banks in Michigan and elsewhere are out MILLIONS thanks to the efforts of Michael Vorce. The bank in Saginaw that Mark White robbed of just over one thousand dollars got all of its money back the same day.
Millions stolen = 6 years or less. A thousand stolen and returned = 35 years.
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