I am done with Amazon.com - here is why.

Anyone who knows me knows I try to spend my money locally, regionally, or at least so it benefits the State of Michigan. We need to capture as many dollars for our state as we can. In the past I have had an account at Amazon. I used it primarily to get shaving supplies - I shave with a brush and razor and was not able to find any place to purchase nice shaving creams and supplies.  But I have also bought a couple of books and some music there. No More.
Two things pushed me over the brink. First it was the way in which Amazon and other online retailers are fighting the efforts of Michigan and other states to have them collect and pay sales tax. Why shouldn't anyone who sells something to Michigan residents collect the 6% tax and send it in? Why should online retailers have a 6% advantage over a brick and mortar location that adds to the local economy and collects sales tax?
But the last straw came with Amazon's campaign to have their customers go into brick and mortar stores, look at products, scan them with their smart phones and then buy them from Amazon. A lot of people have been taking advantage of brick and mortar stores this way for a long time, but no one was actively marketing the process AND offering to pay people $5 to do so as Amazon did.
Bite me Amazon.
I contacted them and closed my account, which was no easy thing to do. The positive side of the time it took to do so and the interaction I had with Amazon employees (even if they were in a cubicle in Borneo) was that it gave me several opportunities to tell them exactly why I was ceasing to do business with them.
So, is Amazon going to grind to a halt now that I am spending my $22 on shaving cream somewhere else? Probably not, but at least I don't feel like I am talking out of both sides of my mouth.

TURN THE TIDE: Today - I had an even better idea. I turned things around. I received an email from David Byrne (former singer of the Talking Heads) in which he informed me of a new DVD: Talking Heads Chronology Deluxe with some footage of the band in their early days. Having been a longtime fan of the band and the various spin offs to come out of it, this DVD went to the top of my want list. When I clicked on his link to buy the DVD it took me to Amazon (bummer David), so then I read all about what was on the DVD, looked at some reviews from people who all seemed to like it and decided to make my purchase for sure. Then I got the ASIN # for the DVD from Amazon and ordered it from my local bookstore Schuler Books.
I plan on making this a regular part of my shopping for books, music, and anything else Amazon sells that I can buy locally. I will use their online information to get informed and buy it from a brick and mortar.
ONE MORE THING - according to this site New Rules Project Amazon claims that collecting sales tax from all states would be too complicated. At the same time they make these claims they are collecting sales tax for all the states for Target - Amazon manages their online sales.
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